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    1000/1500 pt friendly SM

    Master: lightning claws, terminator honors, jump pack, melta bombs
    145 pts.

    tactial squad (*3): 6 marines, 1 plasma gun, 1 missle launcher, razorback with Lascannon
    600 pst

    Dreadnought: (basic build)
    105 pts

    Fast Attack:
    Assault squad: 5 marines, 2 plasma pistols, sergeant with terminator honors and power fist.
    150 pts

    1000 pts.

    I know a chaplain led assault squad is supposed to be way awesome, but I really like the model for captain Shrike, and lightning claws are fun =). How big a difference will a master, as opposed to a chaplain make? (also, are there any wargear changes you guys would make?)

    My plan for the army is to sit back with my tactial squads and razorbacks, shooting up anything, and everything that comes my way. At the same time I'll send in my master led assault squad to wherever my opponent is vulnerable (broadsides, heavy weapon squads etc...) But not bother trying to take on my opponents CC chars with them (I recognize that my master build is incredibly vulnerable to getting squashed). My razorbacks will allow me to pick up objectives, and move my army as needed.

    The dreadnought feels a bit out of place in my army, however I have one lying around, and at 105 pts with a dreadnought CC weapon and an assault cannon it seemed like a bargain.

    I'm a little afraid that I'll have trouble with horde armies but I can always turn super beardy and say "plasmas count as flamers, missle launchers, as heavy bolters, and TL lascannons as TL heavy bolters!" (I would never do this, but someone at the store where I play did this when I pulled out my ork army... oh and these rhinos... they're now whirlwinds. He quickly got a "predator" lodged up his butt. and by "predator" I mean my foot)

    I would love to put some LS tornado's in this list somehow, but they're 30$ (ripoff city...), and the 2 that I have, were put together back in second edition when I was 12 (half the bits are missing, no weapons.... etc...), plus I'm not sure what I would take out to get them in the list (maybe the dreadnought, but that's only enough for one).

    For 1500 points, I was thinking I would add:
    Master of Sanctity: terminator honors, power fist, jump pack, adamantium mantle, melta bombs, bionics
    200 points

    ADD iron halo, to the master
    25 points

    Fast Attack: 2 Land Speeder Tornados
    160 points

    Add 5 men to the assault squad
    110 pts

    OR, instead I might add:
    2 more of those razorback squads (1 without plasma gun) and 5 men to the assault squad

    Anyhow, any comments would be awesome (plz don't say razorbacks suck though, because I like them =) )

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    I quite like this list. But RAZORBACKS SUCK!!! No they don't I too believe they are the underesteemed transport to the Space Marines.

    You have the general idea down pat. But would you rather have a rapid-fire BOOM box in your sqaud whch only fires once at 12" if you move? I'd just say that you'd be a lot meanter if you had a Meltagun... Wait... *sees that it's a RAZORBACK you ride there* That's right, you can't fire out of those can you? Hmm. I still prefer Melta to Plasma, it's my fetish gun.

    The 1000pts army looks nice. But beware of the Chaplain Nazis.
    The 1,500pt army should have the Chaplain and, the 5 extra Jetarines, and one extra Razorback Squad.

    She be potent.
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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