Traits: Be Swift as the Wind
Drawbacks: Die Standing (no drop pods)

HQ: Reclusiarch w/ Bike, BP, Frags -117

Elites: 5x Bikes, 2x Melta, Sarge w/ PF, Furious Charge -225

Troops: 5x Bikes, 2x Meltaguns, Sarge w/ PF, Attack Bike w/ Multi-Melta -275 x2=550

5x Bikes, 2x Plas, Attack Bike w/HB -230 x2=460

Fast Attack: 5x Scout Bikes, Meltabombs, Sarge w/ Powersword -160 x3=480

45 biker models in 1850 seems pretty good. I was planning on having the chaplain and the elite bike squad run together for some serious melee power on the charge. The HB and plasma bike squads act as the primary shooty force, the melta squads are the main anti tank/ MC, and the scouts add some bolters and anti tank to the mix.

I was wondering, when BSatW says bike squads can be taken as troops or elites, does that include scouts? Then I could give a squad or two FC, and have them tie up devestators or something.