upon finally deciding on my chapter traits and a suitable back ground i went to work redesigning my army view, although the fluff needs to be written out, the basis is that it is a new founded chapter that has been made to specifically fight in urban enviroments.

as such these means i am taking the traits cleanse and purify, take the fight to them, and for disadvantages the death before dishonour and the flesh over steel disadvantage.

with the fluff sorted it is time to get to the list.

master, bolt pistol, powerfist, iron halo, terminator honours 141pts

5 terminators, 1 assault cannon, 1 cyclone missile launcher, 4 powerfists, 2 storm bolters, sergeant, power weapon and storm bolter 245pts

dreadnought, assault cannon, dreadnought close combat weapon 105pts

8 marines, 5 bolters, 2 plasmaguns, veteran sergeant, plasma-bolter 165pts

8 marines, 5 bolt pistols and close combat weapons, 2 meltaguns, veteran sergeant, powerfist 170pts

8 marines, 5 bolters, 2 plasmaguns, veteran sergeant, plasma-bolter, rhino, 220pts

5 space marine scouts, bolters 65pts

7 assault marines, 2 flamers, veteran sergeant, powerfist 196pts

4 space marine bikers, 2 meltaguns, veteran sergeant, melta-bolter, attack bike, multimelta 238pts

total 1480pts

so this is the gist of what my army shall look like. the way it works is that the rhino runs up the bored quickly disembarks and shoots alot of shoots at the enemies key units, such as genestealers or terminators.

the master goes with the combat tactical squad and after the enemy unit has been soften up gets charged by them. if not then can happily hunt after tanks with the meltaguns and powerfists.

the bike squad is also built or tank hunting, although it is not my idea for there compistition, morat came up with the idea, they shall rush up the table and end up hunting tanks with there 4 meltagun shots.

the scouts are there for early objective taking and also because they have bolters which are an effective weapon. there other function is possible to have a teleport homer to help deepstriking terminators, thats if i deep strike them.

the dreadnought is there as extra armour on the table and also as it can move with the assault cannon and fire, it also gives me something hat can tie up enemy units.

the terminators are there as a mobile firebase with an assault cannon and missile launcher, there storm bolters are effective when moving up the field.

the assault squad has a main objective of hiding, then flying out in the open and flaming an enemy squad before charging in and taking them out, also they are good at counter attacking.

i know this is much differant to what most players use, but if you have any useful advice on units that could be good in my army, bear in mind that i only am using heavy weapons if they can move and fire. i would also only like to use one more possible tank.