This list is meant for tournament. I have tried to make it fun to play, by being composed of many different units and all-round by being able to both shoot and assault.

Most of the list is well testet. So the units i am most interestet in your oppinion on is:

-Chaptermaster riding with the rhino squad .
His job is to give to the morale to all units.. do you think i need that?
And his job is to boost the close combat capability in rhino squad. Waste of points?

-Chaplain:I have played alot with this guy... but so far is has lacked capability to wound T5 enemies. Therefore i added lighting claws. What do you think of lighting claws on this guy?

-So far i have played with a predator anni (HB sponsons) and it allways got killed... which is bad or?. Maybe i still need a predator that will take much of the enemy fire, so that my rhino dont get killed right away?

What could I improve?

HQ (2#, 242 Pts)
1 Master@ 91 PtsB
Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1)

1 Reclusiarch @ 151 Pts
Rosarius; Lightning Claws
1 Frag Grenades
1 Jump Pack
1 Rosarius
1 Terminator Honors

Elite (11#, 408 Pts)
5 Devastator Squad @ 168 Pts
Count as Elites Elite; Bolter (x2); Missile Launcher (x3); Tank Hunters
1 Sergeant; bolter

4 Terminator Squad @ 240 Pts
Storm Bolter (x2); Power Fist (x4); Assault Cannon (x2)
Sergeant; Power Weapon (x1); Storm Bolter

8 Tactical Squad @ 248 Pts
Bolter (x6); Plasmagun (x2)
Sergeant; Terminator Honors; Bolt Pistol; Power Fist
Rhino; Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

4 Tactical Squad @ 100 Pts
Bolter (x2); Lascannon (x1); Plasmagun (x1)
Sergeant; Bolter

4 Tactical Squad @ 100 Pts
Bolter (x2); Lascannon (x1); Plasmagun (x1)
Sergeant; Bolter

5 Scout Squad @ 113 Pts
Sniper Rifle (x4); Missile Launcher (x1)
Sergeant; Sniper Rifle

Fast Attack
7 Assault Squad @ 237 Pts
Bolt Pistol & CCW (x5); Plasma Pistol & CCW (x2); Melta-Bombs
Sergeant; Terminator Honors; Bolt Pistol; Power Fist; Melta-Bombs, Teleport Homer

1 Land Speeder Tornado
Heavy Bolter; Assault Cannon

Heavy Support
1 Whirlwind @ 85 Pts

1 Whirlwind @ 85 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1698