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    1000 Points Black Templars

    This is a full Close Combat orientated army, with next to no firepower. there is not one heavy weapon which might be a problem. there is sufficient AT power but as its a CC army all AT power is at close range.


    Emperors Champion
    Uphold the Honor of the Emperor.
    Total: 100

    Plasma pistol, Power weapon, Melta Bomb, Teleport Homer, Bionics.
    Total: 110

    Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Holy Orb of Antioch, Bionics.
    Total: 140


    5 Sword Brethren Assault Terminators
    3 lightning claws, 2 thunder hammers.
    Total: 200


    9 Initiates
    CCW + BP, Melta gun.
    Total: 154

    Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers.
    Total: 68 (this has the Emperors champion and a crusaider squad)

    9 Initiates
    CCW + BP, Melta Gun.
    Total: 154

    Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers.
    Total: 68 (this has the Castellan and a crusaider squad)

    Total 994

    the plan was to have the terminators in a far distant ship with the chaplain waiting to be telported in. but i dont think that can happen...

    but a drop pod cant hold 6 terminators... grrrr....

    the problem is i dont want them marching across a battlefield because they are most defenatly going to get chopped to pieces. i dont want to stick them in a land raider or a LRC unless i have 1500 pts.

    this has all come about because you cant have a terminator command squad with assault termies in it. DAMMIT!


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    But remember, if you deepstrike, you cannot assault. You can shoot but count as moving (although assault Terminators aren't equipped with guns). Either way you have a squad of open Terminators.

    Which would you ignore more? The squad of assault Terminators walking to you or the Squad of assault Terminators who just teleported right next to youe main body of men?

    You'll have to suffer it. Dem's da breaks digs. You could try what I do. Kit out a Chaplain with Atificer Armour and a Teleport Homer and drop pod him. Then you can jump your normal terminators spot on and he can join them. If i'm not mistaken, the only thing a Terminator can wield which can't be wielded by a non-terminator is the Chainfist. So your armoury choices will be unaffected.

    If you did that, the Drop pod would be a legal thingand he'd have the saves of a Terminator Chaplain (you could always claim that it's artificer while looking like Terminator Armour, same save after all. And he does look cooler). At least the Drop pod can offer some support while he waits for the reserves to come in.

    Once again, my post has eased the confusion and trepidation.
    "Thanks again Mr. <E!_Mance>"
    "Don't mention it kids! Now, remember, whenever you see small reptiles or mammals, KILL THEM!"
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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