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    1500 (half pods) point allcomers list

    I posted a list a few days ago, with no drop podding. I have since changed my mind (mostly because I have 4 spare melta guns lying around, 2 dreads already purchased, and I think it'd be fun to try my hand at "plasticarding")

    master: lightning claws, jump pack, terminator honors, melta bombs, iron halo, frag grenades
    171 pts

    (6 man) Tactial Squad (*2): 4 bolters, Missle Launcher, Plasma gun.
    Mounted in a Lascannon razor back (smoke launchers)
    203 pts (*2) = 406 pts

    (10 man) Tactial Squad (*2): 7 bolters, 2 meltaguns, sergeant with terminator honors, and powerfist.
    Mounted in a drop pod
    230 pts (*2) = 460 pts

    Dreadnought (*2): Assault Cannon, Dreadnough CCW, extra armour.
    Mounted in a drop pod (I assume you can do this, at the same cost as a tactial squad, not sure where it's listed in the codex though...)
    140 pts (*2) = 280 pts

    Fast Attack:
    (6 man) Assault Squad: 2 plasma pistols, melta bombs, sergeant with terminator honors and powerfist
    182 pts

    1499 pts

    39 troops, 2 tanks, and 2 dreadnoughts

    for 2000 pt battles, I was thinking I'd add a landraider with 5 Greyknight terminators?

    My plan is to shoot down my opponents tanks and heavy infantry during the first turn or 2, while advancing my jump troops, and leader. Then when my drop troops come down, I can use them to further destroy my opponents tanks, and CHARGE from both in front of him (assault squad and leader) and behind (drop troopers), so that he has no place to hide his heavy support squads (or just squads weak in CC).

    I'm aiming for a well rounded list, that can take on many armies without "tweaking." My biggest concern with this list is that I'm giving my opponent too few targets at the beginning, and that they'll just be wiped out really fast, allowing my opponent to pick off the drop podding squads as they come (my other concern is that it's gonna be a huge pain in the arse to scratch build 4 drop pods). Also, with only 2 tanks, I have a feeling that they're gonna be taking heavy heavy fire (one of the main reasons I'd like to get a LR in there). On the other hand, my 2 "shooty" units are quite shooty, so when my pods come in, if my opponent hasn't finished off my shooting guys, he/she's gonna have a really tough decision on his/her hands.

    ANYHOW, tell me what you think!

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    Well I can see your kinda squezing in the Assult marines but I think over all they won't do much for you. Like you said your oppenent won't have much to shoot at and that squads going to get pounded if any unit has LOS.

    I see you want some anti tank with the razor back but it'll probably get fried as well, especially since they can use heavy anti-infantry weapons against it, again because most of your guys are drop podding.

    I can't say anything about the GK.

    The thing with drop pods is you probably wanna hide your units that you take on the field. So try to hide your units in or behind terrain as much as possible. The main thing is, I just don't see your assualt squad doing much in most cases, you can probably put that into something else.

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