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    Advice for upcoming fight vs. Tyranids

    Ok, me and a friend are having a friendly 1500pt SM vs. Nids fight. Was looking for some advice as I have little practical experience. Don't know what the terrain is yet, but here are the lists:

    Imperial Fists

    Master: Power Sword, Plasma Pistol, Auspex, Combat Shield - 120pts

    2 x 7 Tac Squads – 210 pts
    Hvy Bolter + Plasma Gun + Vet Sgt w/Fist, Auspex - +100pts

    2 x 7 Tac Squad – 210pts
    Las Cannon + Plasma Gun + Vet Sgt w/Fist, Auspex – +120pts

    2 x 2 LST: MM/Hvy Flamers – 260pts

    2 x Pred Annihilator: Hvy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armor – 270pts

    2 x Dreadnought – 210pts

    Tyranid Forces

    Winged Tyrant
    Points: 227
    Bio-weapons: Scything Talons x2
    Boimorphs: Acid Maw, Adrenal Glands (I), Adrenal Glands (WS), Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, Winged
    Hive-Mind Powers: Synapse Creature, The Horror, Psychic Scream, Warp Field

    Special rules: Monstrous Creature, Fearless.

    3x Lictor
    Points: 240 (80)
    Bio-weapons: Rending claws, Scything Talons
    Biomorphs: Flesh Hooks, Feeder Tendrils
    Special rules: Secret Deployment, Loner, Stealth, Pheromone Trail, Fearless, Hit and Run

    3 Winged Warriors
    Points: 165
    Bio-weapons: Rending claws, Deathspitter
    Type Range Str AP Type

    3x 12 Genestealers
    Points: 756 (250)
    Bio-weapons: Rending claws
    Biomorphs: Flesh Hooks, Extended Carapace
    Special rules: Fleet of Claw, Brood Telepathy

    2 Zoanthropes
    Points: 110
    Bio-weapons: Warp Blast
    Special: Must make a Psychic Test to use Warp Blast 2

    Special rules: Toxic Miasma

    I was thinking he might go with a Godzilla army, but thats not the case. I know Stealers will make things dead quick in HTH, and in previous games I went for them first, but with the Lictors and flying Tyrant w/warriors I'm not sure what to shoot at first. Army lists are final, so its just tactics that I'm interested in. Any helpful advice is of course appreciated.

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    Switch the masters plasma pistol to a bolt pistol, no sense in risking a preventable wound. Change the LST armament for heavy bolters and assault cannons, 2 strength 8 shots and 2 flamer templates or 6 strength 5 shots and 8 strength 6 shots with rending per squad, what would you prefer?
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    Right basicaly hes combat your shooty so the plan is: dont let him get in combat

    Easier said then done eh? ok so use those speeders to flame the stealers, without cover saves heavy flamers should burn their bacon. Leave the dreads and master close to the shooting squads to provide some counter charges should he get to close. The heavy bolter squads should mop up any stealers that break past the speeders and the lascannons should focus on ridding you of anything stompy that comes close to your firebase. Might have to watch out for the lictors trying to tie your shooting units up so keep the dreads on hand to stomp them flat.

    If all goes well their wont be any stealers left by turn 3 allowing your speeders to try and melt down anything thats still breathing.
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    Only thing to honestly worry about in that list is the Tyrant!

    winged warriors arnt . . . well they arnt that good. Zoats are good but only when they can start Warp blastin your surry bum, Stealers wont be that bad hes footslogging them, if you want Stealer night mare try haveing your friend decide a all stealer army would be fun. . .and then the B^stard finds the Seedling swarm list and starts dropping them on you(theirs a special rule that makes them FA that they can attack if they land on you with out waiting imidiatly attack as if they charged!!!!) so you have three dropped on you into combat and another 50 some stealers running at you and another 12+broodlord inflitrating into you. . . thats scary. ..

    ok like i said Just make sure you focus fire right
    Have your tanks lay into his Tyrant right off the bat. then once its down take out the stealers with everything. until their dead so that should be turn 2, turn 3 take out the lictors unless they pop out sooner, note. . . dont be next to terrain or they will rape you, then kill off the rest. its gona be pretty easy for you. if done correctly

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