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Thread: ~3000pt custom

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    ~3000pt custom

    This is a long one

    My friends and I decided we'd try to play some games with the largest single force chart armies we possibly could with 0 proxies. Being the person with the smallest selection, I get to make my army first and set the point value.

    So, the goal is to make the best army, any chapter traits, out of the majority of the models listed. It needs to be pretty general since between them my friends play Chaos, LatD, Tyranids, Orks, Marines, IG, and Tau. As I'm setting the points value, it really doesn't matter what it totals.

    1 Commander
    1 Librarian
    1 Apothecary
    1 Standard Bearer

    1 Techmarine
    1 Dreadnought w/ assault cannon
    2 Dreadnoughts w/ any weapons

    Fast Attack:
    3 Land Speeder Tornadoes w/ Assault cannons
    1 Assault w/ bolt pistol + power fist
    2 Assault w/ plasma pistol + ccw
    7 Assault w/ bolt pistol + ccw

    Heavy Support:
    1 Whirlwind
    1 Predator Destructor w/ heavy bolter sponsons

    2 Rhinos
    28 Bolters
    2 Flamers
    5 Plasma guns
    3 Meltaguns
    6 Missile launchers
    6 Lascannons
    5 Heavy bolters
    1 Plasma cannon
    10 Bolt pistol + ccw
    3 Bolt pistol + power weapon
    2 Bolt pistol + power fist

    The only proxies I can use is for drop pods and any wargear on the characters.

    Since this is a rather restrictive question and long to reply to, I made a 3000 point example list which I'd welcome comments on for moving stuff around or dropping/subbing items. But if you have an even better list (say 2500-3500 points), I'd love to see it

    3000pt list:
    Traits: Honor your wargear, We stand alone

    Master 117pts
    -Bolt pistol, power weapon, terminator honors, combat shield, frag grenades

    Epistolary 161pts
    -Bolt pistol, terminator honors, fear of the darkness, iron halo

    7 Command Squad in Drop Pod (attached to Master) 210pts
    -Vet sgt w/ powerfist, apothecary, 2 melta guns, 3 bp+ccws

    8 Command Squad in Drop Pod (attached to Epistolary) 217pts
    -Vet sgt w/ powerfist, standard bearer, 2 flamers, 4 bp+ccws

    2x Dreadnought 2x 110pts
    -Assault cannon

    8 Devastators 224pts
    -4 missile launchers, 4 bolters, tank hunters

    3x 6 Tactical Squad 3x 115pts
    -Lascannon, plasma gun, 3 bolters, 1 bp+ccw

    6 Tactical Squad 140pts
    -Vet sgt w/ power weapon, lascannon, plasma gun, 3 bolters
    Rhino 58pts
    -Extra armor, smoke

    8 Tactical Squad 160pts
    -Vet sgt w/ power weapon, heavy bolter, plasma gun, 5 bolters
    Rhino 58pts
    -Extra armor, smoke

    6 Tactical Squad in Drop Pod 160pts
    -Vet sgt w/ power weapon, heavy bolter, meltagun, 3 bolters

    Fast Attack:
    2 Land Speeder Tornadoes 160pts
    -Assault cannon

    Land Speeder Tornado 80pts
    -Assault cannon

    10 Assault Marines 262pts
    -Vet sgt w/ powerfist, 2 plasma pistols, 7 bp+ccw

    Heavy Support:
    Whirlwind 85pts

    Predator Destructor 113pts
    -Heavy bolter sponsons, smoke

    8 Devastators 230pts
    -2 Lascannons, 2 Missile launchers, 4 bolters

    Total: 3000 pts

    3 Heavy bolters, 1 Plasma cannon, 1 Dreadnought, 1 Techmarine

    I'm certainly not a fan of all those upgraded sgts myself, but I ran out of bolter marines.
    I was a bit obsessive about working every last man in, which isn't necessary (majority, not like 99%). Maybe cut this down to about 2800?

    What do you think?

    Last edited by Tibbles; June 16th, 2006 at 06:29.

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    108 (x6)

    *looks at list*
    *jaw drops*
    Uuhhh... Yeah. Wow. No, go for it all. Like you said, you call the sots, make them long ones!:yes:

    And if your mate dislikes it, set your Bowel Disruptor to 'prolapse' and fire.
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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