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    1000 points Blood Angels

    Im kind of new to 40k and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my 1000 points Blood Angels list.

    247 - Master of Sanctity w/ BP, FG, terminator honours, jump pack

    90 - 5 Marines w/ lascannon
    90 - 5 Marines w/ lascannon
    158 - 10 Scouts w/ veteran sergeant w/ power fist
    158 - 10 Scouts w/ veteran sergeant w/ power fist

    255 - 10 Assault Marines w/ plasma pistol, veteran sergeant w/ power fist.

    TOTAL: 998 points

    Advice appreciated. I will also be posting a 2000pt and 1500pt Blood Angels list.

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    i would say to drop one of the scout squads and one of the tactical squads. usually you only need 1 troop choice per every 500 pts of your army, so since your doing 1000pt go for 2. also, id say drop the lascannon from your marines and get a melta gun instead, plus add more bodies to your marine squad.

    i would suggest you invest in some devastators with anti tank weapons.

    also, althoagh the whole chaplain w/ assualt squad tactic can work alright, you are investing a large number of points in one squad which is never a good thing. you might want to just go for a more balanced list. anyway all i am saying is dont put all your eggs in one basket.
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