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    SW combat patrol

    Here's a combat patrol army i designed for a dense as f*** hive city terrain(so dense any vehicles basically out of the question). This is made for a scenario me and my bro made here each get a combat patrol anbd a kill team(no brutes). He'll be playing tau probably. Havn't made the kill team yet, but tell me what you think.

    Wolf Guard Battle Leader-P. Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Wolf Pelt-77pts
    6 Grey Hunters-True Grit, meltagun -118 pts
    6 Grey Hunters-True Grit, Plasma gun-120 pts
    5 scouts-Bolters, 2 Sniper Rifles, frag grenades-85 pts
    total 400
    I'm gonna to be pretty fighty and prbly join the battle leader with them.

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    I didn't think sniper rifles were an option for SW scouts. Really?

    I'm no fan of sniper rifles, but otherwise the list looks fairly suitable. Might want to try a flamer instead of a plasma gun, and put some Frags on one of your GH squads.
    Since you won't be facing too many vehicles (presumably) you won't probably miss the AT weapons. Might want to try to upgrade the leader's Krak grenades to MB's as well. You'll have to fiddle with the points.
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