HQ- Wolf Lord=135
stormbolter, thunder hammer, terminator armour, wolf tooth necklace
retinue=240 (5 units)
Terminator armour, storm bolter, power fist, wolf tooth necklace

Venerable Dreadnought=155

Wolf Priest=125
fang of Morkai, Healing potion and balms
retinue=230 (5 units)
power weapon, BP, bionics, runic charm
TLLC, extra armour

Troops- 9 Grey Hunters=196
meltagun, powerfist, power weapon, 8 bolters
-Wolf Leader=44
BP, power weapon, Frag nads, auspex

Grey Hunters=195
power weapon, powerfist

TLLC, Misle launcher, extra armour

Heavy-Long Fang=292
heavy bolter, LC, multi-melta, plasma cannon, meltagun

Predator Annihilator=148
SSLC, Smoke Launchers