well this is my first time doing a regualr trait army so i hope it turns out good.

Chapter Name- Brothers of Sanctity
Traits-Take the Fight to Them-Death Before Dishonor

power fist, BP, Iron Halo, Terminator Honours, Frag nads

Reclusiarch= 126
BP, Terminator Honours, Teleport Homer, Bionics

9 TACS=193
Vet. Sarge (power weapon), BP and CCW
Rhino-added to total
Extra Armour, smoke launchers
(REC joins this squad)

9 TACS=198
Vet. Sarge (power fist), BP and CCW
Rhino-added to total
Extra Armour, smoke launchers
(Master joins this squad)

10 TACS=223
multi-melta, meltagun, bolters
Rhino-added to total
Extra armour, smoke launchers

10 scouts=180
missle launcher, 8 snipers, 1 BP and CCW

Elite-5 Assault Terminators=200
all w/ TH and SS

AC/DCCW, Venerable-Furious Assault, Drop Pod

TLLC, ML, Venerable-Tank Hunter

Fast-3 landspeeders=225
1 w/ multi-melta/Hvy Flamer, 1 w/ Hvy Bolter/AC, 1 w/ Typhoon/Hvy Bolter

Heavy-Predator Annihilator=154
SSLC, Extra armour, smoke launchers, searchlights

Land Raider=251

8 Devestator Squads=278
2x LC, 2x Hvy Bolter, bolters
Rhino-added to total
Extra Armour, smoke launchers

my strat is basically to have my CC TAC squads to rush in with the TLLC/ML Dread, Pred, and LR for tank support, DP my AC/DCCW dread in the front lines, have my shooty TAc support CC TACS from the rhino along with Scouts in a safe spot to snipe and launch missles, have my DEV Rhino in the back to fire LC out of fire ports, then bring up the rear. Landspeeders go in with CC TACS to provide harassment fire on troops, and take focus off the CCs, have my RECs CC squad disembark and use tele homer to bring in ATs to help Assault. and all the while, my tanks, DEV, and TLLC/ML dread take out big units and enemy tanks.

*EDIT* sorry, i thought this was in army lists area.