Well, my head hurts from trying to theory hammer the best possible details for this list, so anyways thanks for reading and let me know your suggestions. My only SM HQ experience is a termie dropping libby who is terribly effective, but isn't allowed in this list, and the chaplain jumper, who I also enjoy. I try to keep my opponents on their toes, my 500 point list is scouty infantry, my 1000 is triple whirlwind cheese, my 1500 is in the works, my 2000 is a solid drop pod army that I feel bad for bringing because it's usually a slaughter house. I'm like the emperor when it comes to rolling those Assault Cannon Rending, honestly, I even wonder if I'm cheating without me knowing it sometimes. :wink: . Anyway, here ya go.

HQ: 195pts
Epistolary: Jump pack, Terminator Honors, Familiar, Combat Shield, Bolt Pistol, Fear/Fury, Purity Seals, Frags

Troops: 965pts
8x Tac Squad w/ x2 Plas, Apothecary Vet Sg.
8x Tac Squad w/ x2 Plas, Apothecary Vet Sg.
8x Tac Squad w/ x2 Plas, Apothecary Vet Sg.
8x Tac Squad w/ x2 Meltas, Vet Sg. w/ PF, Drop Pod
8x Tac Squad w/ x2 Meltas, Vet Sg. w/ PF, Drop Pod

Fast Attack: 401pts
x8 Assualt Squad, Vet Sg w/ PF
Tornado w/ melta

Heavy Support: 290pts
Annihilator w/ HB Sponsons, Extra Armor
Annihilator w/ HB Sponsons, Extra Armor

Total: 1851pts, 49 Marines, 2 Tanks, 2 Speeders

Alright, Instead of writing 6 different lists that are almost identical, here's a big preference question. It's mainly juggling the HQ, because The Libby feels very tooled up to me, which of these would you take?

List A:
The Same as above

List B
Drop the Epistolary, Add 2 more assault marines and super tooled Chaplain!, and add smoke and stuff to the preds.

List C:
Drop the Epistolary and the Melta on the Tornado, then add a Codicier (or a Chaplain?) w/ Jump Pack, and gear till I max out, plus a Master Commander w/ Bolter (or similiar low cost wargear)

List D:
Drop the Epistolary and melta, Add either the cheaper Chaplain or Codicier and instead of the Master, add a Whirlwind.

I want to see how well the meltas perform, they work well in my all Drop list, but I dunno about here, I could always loose the pods and change them to more plas squads with apothecaries, maybe keep a couple of PF's to add a little CC bite, and add some LasCan for the needed ranged AT.

The idea is to have stable, heavy firepower pouring in every possible turn, use the assaulties and speeders for counterassault or harassment, denying or taking table quarters, and drop the meltas in where they're needed to secure areas, suicide missions, or cause mayhem (like in Command and Conquer when you paratrooped your bonus guys in the middle of the enemy base, knowing they'll be dead in 20 seconds but it's a pain in the for the other guy to divert themselves to clean up your mess) The melta speeder is in case I really need that AT and my drop pod rolls are lacking. It's risky, but seems calculated to me, as it'll take moderate bad luck for me to completely burn out, I think.

My Marines, who I sort of have fluff for, are mostly just for fun. I'm a cheesy power gamer to some, but I fit in well around here with many other of my kind, and we always have fun, barring the few random guys or kids who get so mad at small rule problems that they go insane....I digress.....so c&c is welcome on the list being effective, not it being unfluffy (master with a bolter, I know I know, he's just a very charismatic and zealous marine preaching constantly over the comm, whatever makes you happiest) :rolleyes:, but if you think you will single handedly change my mind about not being a fluff baron then please try, I won't get mad if you won't.