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    Scout heavy space marines: 1500pts

    Rec. Chap-- jump pack, lightning claws, term honors--165

    Dreadnought-- twin lascannon, extra armor, smoke--143

    2x 10 scouts-- ccw/bp, vet sgt w/ fist-- 316

    2x8 scouts-- bolters, missle launcher-- 228

    7 scouts-- 6 sniper rifles, 1 heavy bolter-- 144

    2x 7 assault marines-- 2 flamers, vet sgt w/ fist-- 434

    2 attack bikes-- multi melta-- 130

    total--1500 pts.

    57 men, 2 bikes and a dread.

    everyone infiltrates into place. the assault troops deep strike later on as a nice surprise. dread sits back and shoots, the bikes run around and take care of tanks the dread cant see.


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    Ok honestly you would be better off NOT deep striking your assault marines and make all your scouts assault based (like the 2 ten man squads you have). So pack all your scouts into a big sledge hammer and get as many of them into assault as possible. Then move up the assault marines and attack bikes.

    Hmm, try to make the dread venerable with tank hunters and a missile launcher. Good anti-tank incase your attack bikes are killed.

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