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    [2000] Space Wolves 13th Company, Friendly

    ok, a few months ago I was feeling crazy and bought a buttload of 13th Company goodness. Since then I've tried to play them, and almost every game I get decimated. I understand they're all 1337, but I am having serious trouble getting the hang of it. At first my problem was that I was playing them waaay too... khorne (21 point models without fire support rushing forward is apparently a bad idea). So, I've started adjusting my tactics and now Im not getting owned, well I still am but not as badly. So I've decided to try tinkering with my army list. Prior to this Ive been either using a hoarde of Grey Slayers and simply getting out manuevered or outshot, or I've been using a load of storm claws bikers and fenrisian wolves and running out of guys in the middle of my assault phase (although the fact that I was charging harlequins probably wasn't helping either). So, I'm trying desperately to find some sort of list that works.

    Anyway, I've decided to try a middle route of the two, by taking 2 very large squads of Grey Slayers instead of 6 small ones, and lotsa wolves instead of 10 bikes. Also, I'm putting in a reliable base of fire in some Long Fangs that I've been previously not using. By all means, tear this list apart. Here we go...

    Wolf Lord- Frost Blade, combi plasma, mark of the wulfen, runic armor, 4 fenrisian wolves... 208 points

    Rune Priest- Frost Blade, combi-plasma, melta bombs, runic armor, mark of the wulfen... 165 points

    Wolf Priest- Frost Blade, bolt pistol, melta bombs, healing potions and balms, melta bombs, 4 fenrisian wolves... 193 points

    15 Wulfen.... 360 points

    10 Grey Slayers, 2 w/ plasma guns, 1 is the Wolf Guard Pack Leader with a mark of the wulfen and a powerfist... 275 points

    another squad as listed above

    Fast Attack:
    5 fenrisian wolves... 50 points

    2 more packs as listed above

    Heavy Support:
    5 Long Fangs w/ 4 Heavy Bolters... 168 points

    5 Long Fangs w/ 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon... 203 points

    All this for a grand total of 1997 points

    The idea is that the rune priest and wolf lord both attach to a squad of Grey Slayers, and casually stroll across the battlefield. It's not a lot of bodies, but hopefully the extra wolves in the lord's squad will provide some meat, and when it gets busy he goes away. Meanwhile the wolf packs dash around and hopefully tie up whatever's going to try shooting at me. All the while my long fangs are shooting furiously at whatever's downrange. In my mind it's fairly modular, so perhaps if for some reason I shouldn't slog, I can still fire away furious and show up behind somebody with a pack of slayers and shoot at something that didn't need to be shot at. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading.

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    I too got a late start and begain a 13th company force several months ago. Unfortunately I can't help too much as the few games I've played have been against a friend's Eldar tank army. My slow foot-sloggers don't match up well against his speedy turbo-boosting force.

    That said, I've always enjoyed the infantry-heavy army. I also think that in certain circumstances, maxing out on fen. wolves would be very cool. However, as I described above, fen wolves vs. hover tanks is a waste of time. Against an opposing infantry army they could do better. Too many fen wolves becomes a point sink, especially if you're headed into a tournament situation where it is better to have a more well-rounded list.

    I've never added fen wolves to an HQ before.

    I have also only tinked with the bikers once. They seemed to work okay but perhaps I got lucky?

    My basic list runs a Wolf Lord (lightning claws paired, belt of russ, wolf tooth necklace, wolf pelt and mark of wulfen) attached to 10 Grey Slayers (2 melta guns, wolf guard w/wolf tooth necklace and powerfist)

    Rune Priest (frost blade, chooser of the slain, mark of the wulfen, terminator armor, wolf pelt) attached to 10 Grey Slayers (2 melta guns, wolf guard w/wolf tooth necklace and powerfist)

    Wolf Priest (plasma pistol, wolf tooth necklace) attached to 10 Grey Slayers (2 plasma guns, wolf guard w/wolf tooth necklace and powerfist)

    3x10 fen wolves

    2x5 Long Fangs - 'sergeant', 1 lascannon, 3 missile launchers.

    Despite the new Tau codex and things I've added to my Tau, I hope to let my 13th company find a way to shine in the city fight environment.

    Back to your list...

    Perhaps you can make the Wulfen work for you. From reading postings here online I feel that you will catch a lot of grief for taking such a large Wulfen pack. The trick will be to use it well. I would guess that for it to earn its points it needs to work as the core of the army and have the rest of the army work to support it and allow it to survive to make into combat.

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    15 Wulfen.... 360 points
    That's a lot of eggs in a basket. And 15 models are difficult to keep safe from enemy fire.

    5 fenrisian wolves... 50 points

    2 more packs as listed above
    I'd join these into 2 larger units. If you want them to do something in CC apart from just screening (they can do a lot in CC!!!) I advice using units of 8-15 Wolves.

    5 Long Fangs w/ 4 Heavy Bolters... 168 points

    5 Long Fangs w/ 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon... 203 points
    It's clear that you have another mind on it than I have but personally I'd drop a couple of Wulfen and a Long Fang pack to get a third pack of Grey Slayers.
    But if you find Long Fangs working better for you then there's nothing wrong with these setups.

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