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    500 pt combat patrol

    I've built a list for some Medusa V combat patrol games my local store is running. Because they're combat patorls, there's a few limitations: one vehicle with maximum cumulative armor (front, side, rear) is 33, no more than 2 wounds a model, no 2+ saves, at least 1 troops selection, and 0-1 HQs. Here's what I've got, with Blessed be the Warriors and We Stand Alone.

    Elites: 4 assault marines with furious charge, 1 plasma pistol
    1 sargent with terminator honors and powerfist
    160 pts
    Troops: 9 marines, plasma rifle
    145 pts
    Fast Attack: Tornado landspeeder
    80 pts
    Heavy Support: 5 devestators, 2 missle launchers
    115 pts

    Tactics: Assault marines engage largest threats supported by the landspeeder, while marines advance and fire and devs engage heavy armor and vehicles. In the final round, assault marines and landspeeder claim distant objectives while devs and marines hold near ones.

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    maybe replace the assault marines with a larger squad of scouts equipped for CC? or have a similar sized squad and use the spare points to beef up the devs?

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