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    1850 RTT Blood Angle Army

    I've been playin IG for awhile, and am now starting to get a new SM army goin. I have a bunch more modles than I need, so can theoritically make up to 3500pts worth. Of course, I probably wont ever use that many points, so I gotta trim it down some for tournys. Heres what I have down so far....

    Reclusiarch w/attch. D3+3 Death Company
    -Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack

    Furioso Dreadnought w/Drop Pod
    Furioso Dreadnought w/Drop Pod

    Squad 1:
    5 Marines w/Bolters
    1 Marine w/Plasma gun
    1 Sgt w/Terminator Honors, Bolt Pistol, Pwr Fist
    Transported in Rhino w/ Overcharged Engines, Extra Armor, Smoke Launcher

    Squad 2:
    Same as Squad 1

    Squad 3:
    Same as Squad 1 except w/Melta Gun

    Scout Squad 1:
    6 Scouts w/Sniper Rifle
    1 Scout w/ Hvy Bolter
    1 Sgt w/Sniper Rifle

    Fast Attack
    Assault Squad 1:
    5 Marines w/Bolt Pistol, CCW. Melta Bomps Jump Pack
    2 Marines w/ Plasma Pistol, CCW, Melta Bombs, Jump Pack
    1 Sgt w/Terminator Honors, Bolt Pistol, Pwr Fist, Jump Pack

    Hvy Support
    Baal Predator w/Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, 2xHvy Bolt Sponsons
    Annihilator Predator w/Twin-Linked Lascannon, 2xHvy Bolt Sponsons
    Annihilator Predator w/Twin-Linked Lascannon, 2xHvy Bolt Sponsons

    Total Points- 1874

    (I know that I am 24pts over, but I am not sure on what to cut out of the picture to bring me down to 1850.)

    My plan is to take DC on one flank, Assault Marine on other flank, three rhino squads push up middle, 3 preds provide moving support. I push forward like that and try to get my rhino squads as close as possible (preferably in rapid fire range) and then attack infantry. DC and Assault Squad move and take on whatever they can (assault even take on armor). I drop in my dreads to further split fire hopefully on turn 2. They can take out armor and creatures. Thats how I see this army working, but some of you veteran SM players might think its flawed somewhere. Plz, feel free to rip this list up and give ur opinion, no matter how odd it is to me (gotta understand, IG is bit different from SM). Thanks a bunch for your feedback.)

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    Ok, first off wecome Blood brother! I have been a Blood Angel player for a little
    while now. So my advice will be good but I feel you will need a second opinion.

    I would first drop the extra Predator tank and the whole scout squad. Next fill your
    tactical squads to max (10 men), because your wasting space without a full squad.
    Then buy 8 regular scouts CCW or Bolter (depends on how your using them) with
    a Missile launcher. This should bring you close to 1850 in points.

    Hope this helps.

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