In this list i have revised my first list by adding much more anti tank weapons. and inderect fire weapons, taking away some of the special gear from the tac squads i have saved enough points to buy a whirlwind and a land speeder with multi-melta.

this list gives me a solid infiltrateing fire base and good support from whirlwinds and land speeder and also a pumped up dread. Giveing a bit of speed a bit of static and some assult just what every army needs.

If i was to upgrade this list to a 2000pter what would i get? a land raider crusader sounds good with a vet squad He he he a crusader can pull of as much or more fire as a 10 man tactical squad plus it has tones of gear ect.

well hear it is...

Epistolary Alessio Diaz 8th company hero.
Fear of darkness, Fury of the ancients,
psychic hood, bolt pistol, close combat weapon,
Iron halo, frag grenades, infiltrate.
Cost: 170pts

Command squad Diaz (attached to Alessio) all have frags and infiltrate.
Sergeant, close combat weapon, bolt pistol
Apothecary, narthecium, reductor, close combat weapon, bolt pistol
Company champion, power weapon, combat shield, bolt pistol
2 Marines, melta guns
3 marines, close combat weapons, bolt pistols
Cost: 217pts

Brother Nakluv the Venerable dreadnought
Multi-melta, dred close combat weapon, heavy flamer,
Tank hunter, extra armour, drop pod.
Cast: 190pts

Tactical squad Suicide all have infiltrate
10 marines, t-hounors, power fist, bolt pistol, 2 Plasma guns.
Cost: 236pts

Tactical squad Melting fury all have infiltrate
10 marines, b-pistol, close combat wep, 2 meltaguns
Cost: 200pts

Tactical squad Heat sink all have infiltrate
6 marines, multi-melta, meltagun
Cost: 128pts

Land Speeder Hurtling Heat
Cost: 65pts

Devastator squad Hailing thunder all have infiltrate
8 marines, 4x heavy bolters
Cost: 204pts

Whirlwind Blind Show
Vengeance missiles.
Cost: 85pts

P.S. i know their isent an 8th company, but i have made it so its a special company (whitch has trained in infiltrateing) sent to defend medusa V. when i finish the story (its at school im doing it for english BONZA FUN) ill post it up.