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    1000 points SMURFS! successful list!

    My 5th company Smurfs list, I like the black color
    I have all the units painted up.I have some pics of them somewhere in the gallery…not sure where though… “”

    Ultramarine 5th Company

    Reclusiarch (122)
    Bolt Pistol, Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Terminator Honours, Jump Pack & Frag Grenades

    +++ The Reclusiarch leads the first Assault Squad that is not armed with Melta Bombs.

    8 Assault Marines (216) Frag Grenades
    1 Vet. Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol & Power Fist
    5 w/ Bolt Pistols & Close Combat Weapons
    2 w/ Bolt Pistols & Close Combat Weapons

    8 Assault Marines (232) Frag Grenades & Melta Bombs
    1 Vet. Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol & Power Fist
    5 w/ Bolt Pistols & Close Combat Weapons
    2 w/ Bolt Pistols & Close Combat Weapons

    8 Tactical Marines (135)
    1 w/ Heavy Bolter
    7 w/ Bolters

    8 Tactical Marines (145)
    1 w/ Lascannon
    1 w/ Plasma Gun
    6 w/ Bolters

    2 Land Speeder Tornados (160)
    2 w/ Assault Cannons & Heavy Bolters

    Total Points: 1000 (Exactly!)

    Total Models: 35 Mean of 29 Points per Model (This is about normal.)

    The Reclusiarch is rock hard in the Assault phase. I have two Assault Squads which are my "wow" factor as this is unusual. Two Assault Squads mean that I will have two units that excel in close combat and that can support each other. One of which will be able to Deep Strike if mission allows and take out a Tank with ease providing that my opponent is fielding one.
    I have a Tactical Squad armed with Heavy Bolter for that can assist with controlling the Horde/Swarm. I have a Tactical Squad with Lascannon and Plasma Gun that can assist with taking out Tanks and those Monstrous Creastures. The two Land Speeder Tornados with Assault Cannons and Heavy Bolters suit the army well and can kill many Infantry per Turn and the Assault Cannon is also quite good against Tanks providing you roll 6's occasionally.

    What do you think?? Owns infantry heavy armies and light tanks.

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    Okay RAPTOR lets look shall we. Walk with me.


    Best setup for the chaplain, just let this guy do his thing and rock and roll.

    First Assault Squad.

    If you can, try to maximize the squad. Not only does this increase the number of attacks, but it bolsters the chaplain's special rule. You are substantially more likely to hit with Litanies of Hate and more attacks. Its a win-win situation.

    Second Assault Squad

    Since this squad is keyed to hunt tanks, I suggest lowering the squad to five or six. Doing this however, lowers their efficiency if locked with other infantry. So therefore, it would be a very good idea to have the first assault squad move with them and support them. The first ones can roam ahead, and lock up closing squads, leaving the bomb squad to charge the tanks behind, this will be tough however should the opponent have a supporting squad as well. Also, because they are tank-hunting, I would suggest removing the Plasma Pistols.

    Heavy Bolter Squad

    Okay this squad will have somewhat of a tough time. The limited range of the heavy bolter limits its capabilities a little. But I am not saying to throw it away. What would be best would be to shoot this squad at squads not about to be charged by your Assault Marines. Then if the Assaulties finish quickly, they can swing around and finish up that tenderized squad with ease. Doing this should make ANY army fall easily.

    Las/Plas Squad

    Same as the Heavy bolter squad. Except try to focus on killing tanks not about to be bombed by your Melta assault marines. But if no tanks are in range/sight, hit heavy armored guys, MEQs, Termis, Mega Armored Nobz...etc.


    These guys can be played one of two ways. They can play like the tacs and shoot non-about-to-assaulted squads or can provide shooting support for the assault marines. Whatever the situation calls for.

    Okay the list is solid, just try what I said and you should do fine.

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