Hey guys I'm new to 40k. I have been playing WHFB for about 3 years. I have decided to use SM, mainly the templars. I would mostly be fighting either 'nids, chaos, or IG. Thanks.

Master of Sanctity Chaplain
2 servitors, Pair of lightning claws, and terminator armor
185 pts.

Emperor's Champion
Uphold the Honour of the Emperor
100 pts.

Sword Bretheren Terminator Command Squad: 4
2 assault cannons
200 pts.

112 pts.

128 pts.

128 pts.

Heavy Support
Predator Annihilator
145 pts.

Total: 998 pts.
Number of Troops: 29 and 1 tank

I hope I got the rule for Riteous Zeal right, but just to make sure can someone plz tell me what it does. I think its if you take at least one casualty, at the end of the shooting phase, you take a morale test. If you pass, you move D6" to the closest visible enemy unit (except for the chaplain, which you can move to any enemy unit). If you fail, then you fall back.

Another question: If the chaplain has terminator armour, does it get rid of his rosarius? I saw it in the SM rule book IIRC but it doesn't say it anywhere in the Black Templars.

Last question: I did not find the True Grit rule in the BT book, so I am assuming that they don't have the rule? All the help I get will be appreciated like always.