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    1500 Offensive army, please comment

    Im working on universal SM army, mostly based on offensive tactics with some support troops

    Please comment about list and your own experience with such tactics

    Blessed be the warriors
    See but dont be seen
    Die standing
    Flesh over steel

    Librarian on bike, familiar, bolt pistol, termie honour, veil of time, frags, artifical armour, iron halo

    (Thinking about powerfist on him, because high T monsters around here and some antitank potencial, also fear of darkness, but no points spare)

    Master of sanctity, Plasma pistol, frag grenades, terminator honours, jump pack (goes with Assault squad)

    10x Assault marine, 2x Plasma pistol, jump packs, Veteran sergeant w powerfist+bolt pistol, furious charge (What about shield on sarge? 5+I save could be good)

    Dreadnought, Extra armour, smoke launchers

    5x Scouts, 4x Sniper rifle, Missile launcher

    5x Scouts, 4x Sniper rifle, Missile launcher

    8x Scouts, 7x Bolter, Heavy bolter,

    8x Scouts, 6xCCW, Heavy bolter, Veteran sergeant w powerfist+bolt pistol,
    (quite nice combo is letting both squad as firebase in two lines and if first assaulted than countercharge with second.)

    Land speeder tornado, heavy bolter, assault cannon

    Land speeder tornado, heavy bolter, assault cannon

    3x Bike, 2x meltagun, meltabombs
    (start with Librarian turbo boosting forward, than try to kill tank while Librarian assaults some shooty squad...nice theory but in real it never worked, thinking about changing it for some other antitank...MM+HF tornado maybe)

    I think about removing dreadnought as this is big target for antitank weapons, but dont know what add instead it. (Whirlwind? - cheap but not so powerfull, some antitank?, lasplas infiltrating squad? Or Plasma cannon/multimelta plas infiltrating squad?)

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    drop the halo on the librarian, he has a 2+ invul anyway if he turbo boosts. i would not suggest putting a powerfist on him. if you are fearing monsterous creatures, remember, all you need is to wound once, pass a psychic test, and your force weapon will obliterate anything, no matter how tough it is.

    on the chaplain i would suggest droping the plasma for a bolt pistol.

    i wouldnt give the sarge the combat shield, becuase if you have him take the invul save and you fail, you'll lose the sarge. its better off just letting anouther marine die instead of risking your sarge. although i guess it could be usefull if he is the last guy left, but if thats the case, your kind of screwed anyway.

    maybe make the 8 man scout squads into marines. i know you wanted a cheaper alternative, but marines are a little more relaible than scouts and i think you should have at least a couple of squads as the backbone of your army. however the scouts with the snipers are good. however, if you can't find the points, just make all the scouts in the 8 man squads into cc oriented scouts.

    keep the dreadnought

    hope this helps.

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