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    500 pts Ultramarines combat patrol

    Hey again, some of you might remember my 1000 points list, and because i'm not very happy about using proxies when i'm playing, i've been thinking about a combat patrol, where most of the models can be used in my 1000 points list.

    Captain with power weapon, stormbolter and term. honours 95 pts.

    tactical squad 1
    - 10 marines, 8 bolters, 1 heavy bolter and sargeant with bolter 155 pts.

    tactical squad 2
    - 10 marines, 8 bolters, 1 Missile launcher and sargeant with bolter 160 pts.

    Scout squad
    - 5 scouts, all with sniper rifles 90 pts.

    I've tested it against a friend of mine, who also play Ultramarines, and his list was something like:

    Captain with stormbolter and power weapon
    10 tactical marines with heavy bolter and vet. sargeant
    5 scouts with heavy bolter and snipers
    some assault marines with 2X plasmapistol and vet. sargeant with power fist

    in the end he had a scout sniper sargeant and a scout heavy bolter left, while i had lost 9 marines from tactical squad 1, one or two marines from tactical squad 2, my captain and one scout with sniper, so i guess you can say i won. But that can just have been luck, so what do you guys think of my list?

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    okay first switch the storm bolter for bolt pistol another thing i would is make a unit that can assault such as using traits to make the unit with heavy bolter to have close combat wepons and power fist other than that it seems pretty good
    if you really want to go shooting i would make the ten squas smaller and get and other heavy wepon such as 3 units of six with 2 missile launchers and i heavy bolter

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    Quote Originally Posted by hero
    ....another thing i would is make a unit that can assault such as using traits to make the unit with heavy bolter to have close combat wepons ....
    I think he stated that he wanted to use units as they would appear in his 1000pt list, so I think traits which require re-modeling all his troops are a bit out of the scope here...

    I would recommend dropping sniper scouts for regular scouts (either with BP/CCW or Bolters) if you have them. If not, use the points you save to buy a third Tac squad, and make them all about 8 men, making use of missile launchers and/or plasma guns.

    Drop TH on the Boss.

    Use spare points to upgrade one of the Sgts to a vet/power fist to compliment your Captain, who will lead the squad.

    The army lacks speed, but has lots of staying power and is good enough to hold it's own in firefights or assaults (at least in a 500pt combat patrol).

    I use something closer to what your friend fields, though. I like the assault squad because it can maneuver quickly and has the assault-punch that tacticals lack. And scouts are just plain fluffy in a combat patrol, though I say away from Sniper rifles which are expensive and less effective against most opponents than a bolter!
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