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    [1000pt] Infantry (friendly) needs help

    ok, this is my first attempt at an IG army, im new to 40k as it is but i have played fantasy for a while. i will be fighting 'nids and black templars.

    1 Cmd. Squad w/ Heroic Sr. Officer, 1 Vet, Regimental Standard, Iron Dicipline (106pts)
    9 Veterans & 1 Vet. Sergent w/ lascannon and 3 PGs (150pts)
    10 Ratlings (110pts)
    1 Cmd. Squad w/ Junior Officer (w/ Honorifica Imperialis), Iron Dicipline (70pts)
    3 Squads of Guardsmen w/ heavy bolter, PG, Die-hard and CO drills (78 pts/squad)
    2 Squads of Conscripts w/ CO drills (40pts/squad)
    Heavy Support
    2 Baslisks w/ Indirect Fire (125pts/vehicle)

    Total: 82 Models, 1000pts
    edit: i did my math wrong when i made this list ( it was 4AM when i made it) so i found about 150 pts, so i added another squad of guardsmen and added Ind. fire, i also made some changes (thanks Slick). tell me what you think.

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    1 Command Squad w/ Heroic Sr. Officer (w/ powerfist) , 1 Vet, SB, Iron Dicipline
    Get rid of the Powerfist and Vet with the SB and add a Company Banner. One SB wont do much, and your Command Squad is screwed in CC anyway, so the PF is moot. If you really want your HSO to have a punch then give him a nice, cheap Power Weapon.
    10 Veterans w/ autocannon and 2 plasma guns
    9 Ratlings
    The Ratlings are fine, although I think you should add another PG in with the Veterans, and maybe switch out the Autocannon for a Lascannon. You laos have to include a Veteran Sergent with them, and I dont see one listed.
    1 Command Squad w/ Junior Officer (w/ Honorifica Imperialis & Powerfist), Vet.
    2 Squads of Guardsmen w/ heavy bolter, Plasma gun, Die-hard and CO drills
    2 Squads of Conscripts
    Get rid of the lone Vet in the Command Squad. The Guardsmen and Conscripts are fine as is, just remember to keep them close to your Command Squads.
    Heavy Support
    2 Baslisks
    Nothing wrong here, although If you could free up the points to give them Indirect Fire that would be great.

    Overall its a farily solid list, although I feel it is a little low on bodies. You should include the total cost of each unit after it's entry, though. It makes it easier for people to read your list.

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