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    [160] Kill Team - Fluffless

    Well, I just wanted to make a Kill Team for the heck of it.. no fluff as of yet (not sure there will be), don't even have a Chapter idea quite yet... but, I wanted to make it, so, here goes. ^_^

    The Team

    [1] Sergeant (Command Squad)
    +Bolt Pistol

    [1] Apothecary (Command Squad)
    +Narthecium and reductor

    [1] Marine (Command Squad)
    +Heavy Bolter

    [1] Company Champion (Command Squad)
    +Power Weapon
    +Bolt Pistol
    +Combat Shield

    [1] Marine (Command Squad)

    [1] Marine (Command Squad)

    Total: 150 points

    Broken Laws
    • Mutable Law #5 (once)


    Overall, I like it... simple, but with enough flavour to be a fun team to use, I think. ^_^ Hardly breaks any laws, either..

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    Will at such a low point game and cant give any help on the list but how about some fluff

    Marine Sergeant fraros and his men were onboard the marine ship "Albeon" whick was part of a navy force of 3 ships sent to investigate a agei-world that they had lost contact with

    When the fleet arived there all they found in orbit was the reck of the plants only ship the "Recus"

    "Something happed here and not that long ago" said captain klanss"
    "Yes, make ready one of the landing ships at once" "We wount waste any time" replied fraros
    "Yes Sir! Ill begin prar.....BOOMM!

    Just then one of the ships burst into flames to the left of there ship and covered the bridge in white hot light

    "AAARRR what was that"

    "captain we have around 10 bio ships moveing fast on us" "How long?" "3 mins sir tell impact"

    "Dam it that no time at all" shouted fraros "Get all your men off the ship right now"
    "But what about....wait...whit" But fraros was already runing down into the ship"

    "This is fraros, all brothers to dock 4 now!" I hope there there by the time i get there

    BOOM! The ship shook and fraros put out his hand to keep himself from falling over
    "Enemy forces have boreded the ship in decks 1 to 3, fire teams to decks 3" he heard over the ships com
    Dam it no time, no time
    After one more minute he was in dock 4 but he only saw 5 other marines standing by a dropship

    "Where the rest of them, baroes and dereds arnt here and what about kers"
    "I dont know sir, The last place ....." "Dam it theres no time, get in the ship now"shouted fraros "Move"

    As there left the battle they saw the two navy ships in flames as they blasted down to the planet below, they had only there bolters with them and no food or any other kind of supplies with them, low on ammo they flyed towards the plant below not knowing what they would find

    Just so were still on topic your list owns as bolters shoot things that kill stuff
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