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    2000 point IG Mechanised

    This is my first army list I have wrote for a long time, so any help would be greatly Appreciated .
    Aim of the army is mostly anti ork.

    Close order drill
    Sharp Shooters
    Xenofighters : orks


    Command Squad

    Senior Officer
    One guardsmen upgraded to vet
    Regemental Standard bearer
    Master Vox
    Total: 141

    Transport: Chimera
    Turret weapon
    Hull weapon
    Rough Terran Mod
    Cammo nets
    Track guards
    Extra Armour
    Pintile storm bolter
    Total: 116

    Sentinel Support squad
    Three sentinels
    2 Austocannnons
    1 flamer
    extra cammo x3
    extra armour x3
    Rough terran mod x3
    Total: 173

    HQ total: 445


    Infantry Platoon

    Command squad

    Junior Officer
    Heavey bolter heavy weapon crew
    total: 56

    Squad one
    Missile launcher crew
    Total: 91

    Squad two
    Mortor crew
    Grenade launcher
    Total: 88

    Squad four
    melta gun
    Missile crew
    Total: 95

    Squad five
    Plasma gun
    Total: 95

    Total 425

    Platoon tranport (x4)

    Hull weapon )
    Turret weapon
    Track guards
    Rough terran mod
    Cammo netting
    Pintile storm bolter
    Mine sweaper
    Total: 116 (x5 486)

    Platoon total: 911

    Storm Troopers
    Storm troopers
    Transport (same as platoon transport)
    Total: 221

    Troop total: 1132

    Fast Attack

    Mine sweaper
    Rough terrain Mod
    Track Guards
    Pintile storm bolter
    Extra armour

    Total: 150

    Heavy Support

    Indirect fire )
    Hull heavey bolter
    Pintile storm bolter

    Total: 140

    Leman Russ battle tank
    Sponsson bolters
    Track guards
    Extra armour
    Rough terrain mod
    Total: 185

    total: 335

    Army total: 2017
    (Need to find somewhere to remove 17 points )
    Some posts (here have suggested for a 2000 point army, there should be at least 100 guardsmen. My army does not even have half that . As I have not played a game in a long long time, I was wondering what people thought?


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    Please re-read the rules for posting on Librarium Online, as you'll notice that it goes over how we don't allow the points costs for individual models, weapons and wargear to be posted, as it breaks Copyright Laws. As such, the Inqusition has taken the time to edit your message and let you off with nothing more than a warning. Repeated offenses will result in your execution.

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    Just a few tweaks to start you with....
    A couple of things are wrong, firstly grenadiers cant take xeno-fighters unfortunately. This means a flamer may not be the best weapon to equip them with. Also if you are only giving that squad one special weapon you could change it to an armoured fist squad as this could have xenofighters. This would also save you 40 points!
    and er i cant remember the second wrong thing lol.

    right onto the list. If you are concerned about numbers then it is beacause of two things. firstly you are mechanised so your numbers will be at least half that of normal infantry armies if not less. (i regularly play with a mech army that has 36 men even at 1500 points and i still do well).
    Secondly you have to many upgrades on things.
    Thirdly you have a pointless doctrine in sharpshooters which you dont use. change this to hardened fighters and il explain later.

    I would like to know what you have as the chimera weapons because i always find (especially aginst orcs) that hull heavy flamers on at least two transports are needed.

    right your HQ:
    Senior officers arent worth their points either a JO with an Honorifica or an HSO. you have a lascannon in a squad that should be out of sight swap this with the mortar in an infantry squad. (the infantry squad shouldnt have the mortar anyway!!)
    get rid of all of your rough terrain mods they are pointless. you dont want to move and you dont need to put tanks in cover just obscured. Camo net get rid of it infact strip your chimera down to turet and hull wepons and a pintle stormbolter. saved 21 points

    the sentinels:
    camo again pointless so is their extra armour and rough terrain mods. You made them expensive and their beauty is in their price. If you want to upgrade them then xeno fighters and hardened veterans. they can then assault those orcs or preferably grots that cant hurt them with some success (only as a last resort or to mop stuff up keep out of combat!)
    points saved -15 (if you dont use hardened vets then +15pts)

    The platoon
    your weapons are far too mixed id change them around. The mortar to the main coimmand this gives you a lascannon so thats 2 missile 1 autocannon 1 lascan 1 heavy bolter
    as for specials thats 2 flamers a plasma a melta and a grenade launcher
    If these are the only weapons you have you need to purchase some more soon but il work with it for now,
    -command 3 flamers
    -squad 1 plasma heavy bolter
    -squad 2 grenade launcher and missile
    -squad 3 autocannon
    -squad 4 lascannon
    This set up gives you two good combos and a mobile command squad thatll do wonders against big mobs. keep it behind your troops and then charge up with it, save the other missile for now
    platoon transports are way too tooled you have loads so dont worry about losing them each should be just the weapons making them 95 points each that saves a whole 105 points

    the grenadiers are rather pointless their job can be done by an AF squad and the grenadiers cant have xeno-fighters. If you swap this squad for an AF squad with a melta (swapped with the platoon) and missile launcher (which is left over from the platoon) then you get a mobile antiarmour unit (missile if you want to stay still for a bit melta isnt going to fit anywhere so here is good enough) again trim the chimera to 98 points (this on wants smoke) and thats a grand saving of 58 points give them a vox then thats 53 points.

    hellhound good choice just cut the crap on it (mine sweeper,rough terrain mod) saving you 10 points (you can even get rid of all add on and its till very good)

    the bassie you dont pay for the heavy bolter its free and why the hell does it have a stormbolter its indirect!!!! so thats another 15 points saved.

    Leman russ again to much extra rubbish cut it by 20 points to the weapons (if you can a heavy bolter on front would work much better against orcs and is also 10 points cheaper) so another 20 points saved

    These changes which are IMO nearly all necesary saves you a whole 239 points thats another russ and then some or even better two yes two more hellhounds and 9 points spare!!!!

    in those squads you want a mix of heavy bolters (not so important with your chimeras to support) id give them missiles and grenade launchers or plasma. This means you can take out the vehicles with them (autocannons may be worth it too) lascannons are overkill against orcs really (one on its own isnt worth it) the chimeras need to be multilaser and heavy bolter mostly for taking out squads although id give the command one and the AF one at least a heavy flamer each. These can then trundle forward and wreak havoc.

    Sorry for the long post hope it helps


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