[500] Starter Guard - Jacob Rhode's 9th Comany of the 56th Cadian - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [500] Starter Guard - Jacob Rhode's 9th Comany of the 56th Cadian

    The shells passed overhead with a dangerous whistle as the drop shuttle's heavy bolters opened hot explosive death upon everything within fifty meters of the landing zone. The boxy shuttles heavy doors whirred as ancient hydraulics, lovingly upkept by the Techpriests, hissed as they lowered their cold steel sides. Inside, fourty young Cadians looked forward to their leader. 1st Lieutenant Jacob Rhodes gripped his bolt pistol just a bit tighter as he turned to face his men. "We are men of 9th company of the 56th regiment of the Cadian Imperial guard, are we not?!" He bellowed. His men took in his words and responded immeidately with a "Yes sir!" Rhodes again bellowed, overshadowing the hissing hydraulics as the ramp slowly descended, "We were trained to fight and to protect the Emperor's Will, were we not?!" Yet another, "Yes sir!" Rhodes fingered the medallion pinned to his chest. His most recent reward for his years of faithful service. This medallion and his promotion came together and won him acclaim. His Honorifica Imperialis. "Then why are we standing on this tub of a drop shuttle?! Forward my men, we go to fight the Emperor's enemies!" He roared, lifting his chain sword above his head as it whirred into life. It was quickly drowned by the roar of his men, the rumble of their Chimera's engine coming to life and the dull thud of the boarding ramp sloshing in the thick mud. First Lieutenant Jacob Rhodes strode forth with the Imperial's Finest Guardsmen at his back, destined to bloody this battle field with His enemies.

    This is a starter force I'm putting together and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Obviously with 500 points it's hard to make too many changes but in my tactical infancy, getting a good start will help Lieutenant Rhode's chance at victory and glory in the Emperor's name.

    Here's the list:

    HQ - Command Gold Platoon
    Command Squad
    + 1st Lieutenant Jacob Rhodes
    - Honorifica Imperialis
    - Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
    + Veteran Standard Bearer Allison
    - Las Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
    + Veteran Medic Roberts
    - Las Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
    + Guardsman Steinherd and Smith
    - Two Plasma Guns

    Total: 108

    Troops - Green Platoon
    Command Squad
    + Lieutenant Aaron Tabberson
    - Lasgun
    + 2 Guardsmen formed into Weapon Team
    - Lascannon
    + 2 Guardsmen with Lasguns

    Infantry Squad Alpha
    + 2 Guardsmen formed into Weapon Team
    - Autocannon

    Infantry Squad Beta
    + 2 Guardsmen formed into Weapon Team
    - Autocannon

    Total: 210

    Armored Fist Squad
    Infantry Squad Delta
    + Veteran Sergeant
    - Laspistol and close combat weapon
    + 2 Guardsmen formed into Weapon Team
    - Heavy Bolter
    + 1 Guardsman with Special Weapon
    - Flamer

    Chimera Transport Green
    + Turret Mounted Multilaser
    + Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter
    + Extra Armor

    Total: 182

    Grand Total: 500

    With the Cadian force set, a few blisters and a Chimera box, I should be able to piece this army together along with a spare Leman Russ for potential expansions. Took the Auto-cannons for their range and decent ability to take down transports, the Lascannon for heavy targets while most of my Anti-Infantry weapons are tied up with the Armored Fist squad. I figure while the infantry head their way towards my fire base in Green Platoon, I can sweep the Armored Fist squad out to create a crossfire and possibly claim objectives... With 30 men in the fire base, I'm confident I can outshoot most anything that would be coming at me at 500pts while my Armored Fist is setting up. All else fails, the Chimera can move into a hull down position in my firebase as well.

    Went pretty light on the war gear, since I needed those points to make I met the force organization requirements. I'm not too worried about Doctrines right yet, so this would be a "Vanilla" guard as of right now...

    Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    You could take the plasma guns out of the HQ and give them to your troops instead. The HQ with a standard bearer shouldn't move into plasma gun range if he can help it, i think. That would also let you get rid of the medic and buy something like a mortar for the HQ, if you like mortars.
    Smoke for the chimera is helpful.
    The trouble with putting a lascannon in your command squad is it's fewer guys to kill before taking out the weapon. Give it to a squad instead. You could give the command a less obvious missile launcher, or just swap for the autocannon if you want.

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