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    500 points WH friendly


    - Adepta sororitas heroine palantine 101 points
    -power weapon
    -plasma pistol
    -book of st. lucius
    -purity seals
    -cloak of st. aspura


    -Battle sisters squad 232 points
    -9 battle sisters
    -2 flamers
    -1 vet. superior
    -bolter-flamer combi weapon
    -purity seals
    -Rhino transport
    -extra armor

    -Battle sisters squad 165 points
    -8 battle sisters
    -2 flamers
    -Vet superior
    -bolter-flamer combi weapon
    -Rhino transport
    -extra armor

    Total: 498 points

    Basically all i want to do is burn the enemy up, if you couldn't tell with 2 flamers in each sisters squad, and a bolter-flamer combi-weapon. And i want to put the heroine with the second squad in the rhino (i'm not sure if i'm allowed to do that). But basically what I just want to do is speed up to the enemy and burn them, as I already stated. This is going to be the core of my soon-to-be witch hunters army.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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