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    Fluffy 1850 Drop Army

    Warning: Well-written Fluff is Followed by an army list

    In the aftermath of the Third Waaagh! engineered by Nakdabest the Metal-Eater, leader of a relative small 4 world enclave of Orkz in Segmentum Ultima, the whole Lighting Ember Chapter was dispatched to assist the planetary governor of Mescatos, the world which had so far been the target of the assaults. Most of the surface area of the planet and 4 of the planet's 7 hives had been irradiated to prevent Greenskins from sporing and gaining a foothold. The fairly wealthy refinery world was fighting a losing battle. They hid their failed attempts to buy off the Orkz via barter from the Marines (this attempt at tribute resulted in only greater heart ache, as the walking-scum only used the three full Promethium tankers as three massive airburst ordinances against the planet's surface to space defences, which had left seismic effects on the planets stability to this day)

    The Chapter Master, <name deleted by Ordo Malleus> had a simple plan. Wait for the Orkz and kill them. Attempt to kill the Warboss Nakdabest, and counter attack to the core Ork worlds. Based in space, their battle barge could easily match the limited hulks the Metal-Eater had sent in the past. Assisted by the recently purchased Mescalian Navy, the Orkz would be driven back and exterminated, so that their ill-gotten planets might be returned to humanity. The Lighting Embers were only 521 strong, a fledgling new Founding, descended from the Ultramarine line. Without a real base of operation, the reconquests in Ork territory would provide four worlds perfect for setting up a proper monestary, and one day, perhaps descendant chapters.

    What happened when the Nakdabest finally came is unknown, except that Nakdabest was brought down by a hand of the Master himself. The four worlds were reconquered and resettled, one with a Astartes Chapter on it. The Chapter Master and the chapter's officers was declared hereticus, daemonic, corrupted, insolent, and his illegal holding of Roboute Guilliman's geneseed. They removed their enhancements over a 63 year period without anesthetic, the Master died only days after the Fleshsmith team working on him had set an Ordo Malleus record on keeping an interrogated witness alive and in conscious pain. (pain so great, psychic hoods had to be worn in the chamber from the feedback produced by their combined suffering) The chapter, which had been captured on their barge and put in stasis without their knowledge, were deemed at risk for corruption. Rather than executing the 347 of the Chapter who had survived the Fourth Waaagh! on Mescalos, the Inquisitor Lord Bicas Digus of the subsector consulted his superiors and the 12 Grey Knights stationed in his sub-sector on the legality of Attonement in the situation. The Knights agreed it was legal, if not advisable, his request on Terra had been lost in a paperwork avalanch that had killed four administrati. Thus, he split the remaining Embers among his better Inquisitors, re-programming them and putting them under the watchful eye of 20 volunteer officers and one Adeptus Machinus Astarti from their founding chapter, Furies Claw Chapter. The Ember's name was changed to The Debted Legion, and the longest lived Debted faithfully served Ordo Malleus Ultimae to this day, freeing up a need for Grey Knight and extra-ordo support on over 40 occasions.

    Serving from the ominus black ships of the Ordo, The Debted specialize in lightning surgical strikes. Limited by their small numbers and lack of large heavy support presence, their battle plans are predictable but devastating. Death comes from the sky for any who would give these graceless Marines fight. The 2nd Company's Captain, the only exonerated officer, was entombed by the Furies Claw Techmarine, on the Inquisition's instruction. He still caries his "Innocent, but Warned" notice on his hull.

    Space Marines: Significant Divergence Army

    The Debted Legion

    Major Disadvantages
    Eye to Eye

    Minor Disadvantages
    Death Before Dishonour

    Chapter Traits
    Suffer not the Works of Heretics
    Cleanse and Purify

    Unit Name

    Master of Sanctity Thanatos
    (HQ) 408
    Bolt Pistol (x1); Crozius
    Arcanum; Rosarius; Furious Charge Skill
    Terminator Honours

    Command Squad Charon
    Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x4); Furious Charge Skill
    Bolt Pistol & CCWep.; Furious Charge Skill
    Librarian Morpheus
    Psyker, Independent Character; Bolt Pistol (x1);
    Force Weapon; Furious Charge Skill
    #Fear of the Darkness
    #Psychic Hood
    #Might of Heroes
    Master Crafted Weapon

    Drop Pod

    Veteran Squad Hectate
    (Elites) 259
    Terminator Honours Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x7); Furious
    Charge Skill
    Veteran Sergeant
    Bolt Pistol & CCWep.; Furious Charge Skill
    Drop Pod

    Techmarine Promethius
    (Elites) 216
    Power Weapon; Bolter; Close Combat Weapon (x1);
    Close Combat Weapon; Bolter;
    #Servo Arm
    #Artificer Armour
    #2nd Servo Arm
    #Plasma Cutter
    Terminator Honours
    4x Gun Servitor
    Bolter (x4)

    Venerable Dreadnought Adonis
    (Elites) 173
    Dread. CC Weapon; Storm Bolter;
    Assault Cannon; Furious Charge Skill
    Smoke Launchers
    Extra Armour
    Drop Pod

    Scout Squad Danaus (Troops) 108
    Infiltrate if allowed; Roll an extra D6 when
    moving through difficult terrain; Sniper Rifle
    (x4); Missile Launcher (x1); Infilitrate Skill
    Bolter; Infilitrate Skill

    Tactical Squad Ixion (Troops) 181
    Bolter (x4); Plasma Gun (x1); Plasma Gun (x1); Tank
    Hunter Skill
    Bolter; Tank Hunter Skill
    Drop Pod

    Tactical Squad Tanatalus (Troops) 181
    Bolter (x4); Plasma Gun (x1); Plasma Gun (x1); Tank
    Hunter Skill
    Bolter; Tank Hunter Skill
    Drop Pod

    Tactical Squad Sisyphus
    (Troops) 181
    Bolter (x4); Plasma Gun (x1); Plasma Gun (x1);
    Tank Hunter Skill
    Bolter; Tank Hunter Skill
    Drop Pod

    Predator 'Destructor' Orpheus
    (HS) 143
    Tank; 2 Spons. Hvy Bolters; Turret Autocannon
    Extra Armour
    Smoke Launchers

    Pintle Storm Bolter
    Hunter-Killer Missile

    Total Army Cost: 1850

    Models in Army: 55

    This was an attempt at "Fluffy Competetive". They drop in and shoot people, while the Techmarine plays Devastator squad, the Destructor deals with hoards, the Scouts pin and the melee HQ, dread, and vets break stuff.

    Last edited by G-diddy; August 3rd, 2006 at 19:37.
    "We can't stop here! This is Ork Country!"
    ~Inquisitor Thompson, Neve'Da VI, M41 974

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