1500 Point Daemonhunter with IG - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Point Daemonhunter with IG

    Hello all , my apologies for posting in the army forum , I have now been directed here and reformed my army list a bit , So here it is......!

    HQ: Inquisitor Lord With Psycannon
    Emperors Tarot
    Retinue: 2X sage , 2X heavy bolter servitor , 1X Plasma cannon servitor

    Elite: Death cult Assasin 3X
    Inquisitor With Psycannon
    Retinue: 2X sage , 2X heavy bolter servitor , 1X plasma cannon servitor

    Troop: [7X Grey Knight, 1X Justicar
    5X IST , 2X melta , Mounted in Rhino
    Extra Armour on Rhino

    Infantry Platoon#1
    Junior officer command squad , 3XSquad , 1X plasma in each squad
    Infantry Platoon#2 ( same as above)

    Heavy support: Leman Russ battletank

    Battlecannon , heavy bolter , heavy bolter sponsons , extra armour

    Alright just a little blurb at the end for some explanation , basically I wanted a shooty army that was also a little mobile for capturing objectives , hence the no heavy weapons in the inducted imperial guard , My anti tank is basically the IST in the rhino and I believe my grey knights can give a punch in close combat , basically I'd be willing to drop the death cult assasins but for what? hmmhmm

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    I understand what you are thinking, but I don't agree with your application.

    Guard is not a good mobile force, period. Guard's strength IS their heavy weapons, so I would definatly add them to your IG, and use IST's for mobile object grabbing, they are much better at it anyway with Carapace and two special weapons per squad. Just let you IG sit back with Lascannons, something deamonhunters sorely need anyway. Armoured fist squads are another option for a bit more mobiltiy.

    Add smoke to all your vehicles, lots of times you get stunned or shaken, and smoke saves your life.

    I like you =][= squads, I might add a mystic or two. If for nothing, they are good for meat.

    I would drop the Death Cults for a Callidus for a shooty army. She is really good at causing havoc in enemy lines.

    Cheers, DH
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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