There's a growing interest in WH40k at my usual gaming store and alot of people are building 500 pt armies on the regular FOC. I've found this makes it difficult to field much with IG but here's what I put together. Note that I won't put in any more Plasmaguns... One plasma gun for a single platoon is appropriate in my mind.

1- Iron Discipline
2- Close Order Drill

HQ - Command Platoon "Gold"
-Squad 1 "Alpha" (Command Squad) [86 points]
+Lieutenant 1st Class Jacob Rhodes
-Iron Discipline, Honorifica Imperialis, Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
+Missile Launcher

Troops - Infantry Platoon "Green"
-Squad 1 "Alpha" (Command Squad) [60 points]
+ Lieutenant Gabriel Hammer
-Iron Discipline, Las Pistol and Close Combat weapon
+ Autocannon
-Squad 2 "Beta" (Infantry Squad) [93 points]
+Grenade Launcher
-Squad 3 "Gamma" (Infantry Squad) [83 points]
+Grenade Launcher

Troops - Armored Fist Squad
-Squad "Delta" [80 points]
+Heavy Bolter
+Plasma Gun
-Chimera "Green" [98 pts]
+Turrent Mounted Multilaser
+Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter
+Pintel Mounted Stormbolter
+Smoke Launcher

Total: 500

Any glaring weaknesses? I've got two decent high armor hitters (Lascannon and Missile Launcher), two decent Medium Armor killers (Autocannons and Grenade Launchers), some good Horde weapons (Heavybolters and Multilaser) and a fair number of bodies (40 men, 1 tank)... With 1.5 squads per command squad I don't see any leadership problems, especially with Iron Discipline. Against MEQs, I have three AP2-3 weapons (Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Plasma gun) and I can throw a fair number of dice against the rest. Chimera gives me a fair bit of mobility if I want it, or I can dismount and leave them with the rest of the infantry and use the Chimera for LOS blocking and two good and a decent Infantry weapons.

I know with only 500 pts and using a regular FOC I don't have alot of options but anything you can see that I'm missing?

In sum...

28 Lasguns
1 Laspistol
1 Bolt Pistol
2 Grenade Launchers
1 Plasma Gun
1 Missile Launcher
1 Lascannon
2 Autocannons
2 Heavy Bolters
1 Multilaser
1 Stormbolter

40 bodies, 1 tank