Hey, tell me opinions on what you think and what do you think needs work:

-Wolf Lord:153
w/P.F.,Bolter/Plasma Combo,Belt of Russ, Wolf Pelt, Wolf Necklace, Runic Armor
-Venerable Dreadnought:165
w/assult cannon,Hvy. Flamer
-Runic Priest:91

-Wolf Scouts:116

-Blood Claw Pack "Red"(w/Wolf Lord):232
(3x)w/P.C., B.P.
-Blood Claw Pack "Yellow":164
(2x)w/P.C., B.P.
-Blood Claw Pack "Black":164
(2x)w/P.C., B.P.
(8x)w/CCW, B.P.
-Grey Hunter "Alpha":254
(2x)w/P.W., Bolters
Rino w/ extra armor, smoke launchers
-Grey Hunter "Bravo":254
Rinow/extra armor, smoke launchers

*Heavy Support:
-Long Fang Pack:188
Pack Leader
(4x)missle launchers
-Preadotor #1:125
w/Autocannon, lascannon side sponsors
-Preadotor #2:125
w/Autocannon, lascannon side sponsors

TOTAL: 2012 points