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    750 Wolves [Friendly]

    Gonna be starting up a space wolves crusading force with a friend who is just starting out with BT's. (Pair of fluff armies...)

    This force is supposed to be of the flaming wolf great company (led by Kjarl Grimblood), so I'm going to be making fairly heavy use of flamers and meltas for special weapons in squads.

    Wolf Lord
    Frost Blade, bolter, belt of Russ, Fenrisian wolves (4)

    Grey Hunters (9)
    Powerfist (2), meltagun
    Wolf Gaurd Leader
    Thunder hammer, bolter

    Grey Hunters (9)
    Bolter (, power weapon (2), flamer
    Wolf Gaurd Leader
    Power weapon, bolter

    Heavy Support:
    Long Fangs pack (3)
    Heavy bolter, missle launcher

    Total: 748

    Mainly wondering about the composition of the grey hunters (the long fangs are going to stay as they are, because with more points they get another of each heavy weapon). I'm going to be working off a box or two of grey hunters and one or two crusader upgrade boxes so my options on what to give who is going to be fairly limited to whats in those boxes. (The long fangs and wolves I'll need to do some digging in my bitz box's for, though thats just for the weapons and wolves themselves.)

    Edit: Oh right, would have been good if I'd remembered to space the )'s after the eight wouldn't it.

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