New to SM and my first crack at at 1500 point trait chapter - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    New to SM and my first crack at at 1500 point trait chapter

    I decided on No Mercy, No Respite and See, But Not Be Seen with Eye to Eye and Death Before Dishonor as drawbacks. My idea was to have a chappy and a pair of assault squads with furious charge buzz about with the pair of LST's chopping and rending anything they can, while everything else infiltrates or hides and takes shots. Keep in mind, its my first crack at a marine force.

    HQ Master Chappy - Jump pack, bp and crozius - 122 pts
    FA Assault Squad - 9 marines and sarge with termy honors and powerfist. 2 plasma pistols, furious assault - 290 pts
    FA Assault Squad - 8 marines and sarge. 1 plasma pistol, furious assault - 235 pts
    HS Dev Squad - 4 missile launchers and sarge - 155 pts
    HS 2 Whirlwinds - 170 pts
    FA 2 Land Speeder Tornados with assault cannons and heavy bolters - 160 pts
    TR 2 Tac Squads - 8 marines and sarge with infiltrate, one with a plasma cannon and one with a heavy bolter and one plasma gun per squad 344 pts

    Im right at 1500 if I added correctly, but am I on the right track for an all comers list? Any feedback would be appreciated. Danke!

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