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    1000 pt Marines - Friendly

    Notable Divergance
    Dutiful: Honour your Wargear - No Mercy, No Respite
    Drawback: Eye to Eye

    Master of Sanctity w/ Bolt Pistol and Jump Pack - 121 pts

    Devastator Squad - 222 pts
    4x Marine with Heavy Bolter, Infiltrate @ 33 pts
    5 Marine with Infiltrate @ 18 pts

    Troop 1:
    Scout Squad - 91 pts
    7x Scout with Bolter @ 13 pts

    Troop 2:
    Scout Squad - 126 pts
    7x Scout with Sniper Rifle @ 18 pts

    Assault Squad - 170 pts
    4x Assault Marine with Furious Charge @ 25 pts
    1x Veteran Sergeant with Lightning Claws, Furious Charge @ 70 pts

    Heavy 1:
    Predator Destructor with Heavy Bolters, Smoke Launcher, Storm Bolter - 123 pts

    Heavy 2:
    Predator Annihiilator with Lascannons, Smoke Launcher - 148 pts

    Total: 1001 pts (I know it's over, I've never met anyone who cares about 1 point though)

    Basically, attached the Chaplain to the Assault squad, they're pretty nasty in close combat. Just be sure not to get them shot up on the way to their destination. Use the Dev squad and the Destructor for the main infantry killing, Bolter scouts for support, Annihilator for Anti-Tank, and Snipers for taking out a particularly tough unit, or just for long range kills, or maybe even lsome lighter tanks if it really comes to it.

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    Ok, first, all your units are odd numbers. Even numbered squads are much better. Drop one of the bolter marines out of the Dev squad, and 1 scout out of each squad. This should give you enough points to go with a squad of Marines as yoru 2nd troop choice rather then scouts. The Sniper Scounts are fine, but I would MUCH rather have regular marines then bolter scouts.

    Drop the lightning claws and go with a Power fist on a vet seargent. and if you have enough points, add another assult marine. With only 5 marines, plus your HQ, even moving 12" these guys are gonna get shot up before they are able to engage anything. maybe move them up behind the Preditor, or keep them behind cover.

    Also, a predetor with lascannon sponsers may not be the best choice. If you move, you can only fire one of them, wasting a lot of firepower.
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    First of all, do not post the cost for individual models, weapons, or wargear. You may post the cost of a unit, but you can not break down the cost of the individual components/upgrades. Don’t feel bad. I did it too, when I was new to the forum.

    Secondly, your points for the scout sniper squad are incorrect. With 6 scouts and sniper rifles it is 121, add another scout and rifle it goes up to 139.

    I do not think your list contains enough anti- vehicle weapons, nor does it include enough power armored marines. The power armor is one of our greatest strengths. Scouts are good and cheaper, but the power armor has it’s uses!

    Here is what I would do…
    First drop the pred destructor off the list.
    Next, change the heavy bolters in your dev squad for 4 missile launchers (good against troops AND vehicles).
    Drop the scout sniper squad.
    Give your chaplain terminator honors (for an extra attack. If you wish to skip this b/c that is a high price for an extra attack, I would understand completely)
    Then I would add a 10 man tactical squad armed with a plasma gun and 8 bolters, give the sergeant Terminator Honors, a power fist and a bolt pistol.
    Last I would give the Assault Sgt a power fist and take away the lightning claws.
    A fantastic use of the points you save by NOT giving term hon to the chaplain, would be to give frag grenades to the tac squad. If you do that you will still have 6 points left over. Maybe give a melta bomb to one of your sgts (assault sgt would be good). OR if you keep the Term Hon on the chap and make the other changes I outlined the cost of the list is exactly 1000.
    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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    If I was your opponent I would probably not let you be over on points, even by 1. I wouldn't do it just to be a jerk, but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get rid of that one point sometimes. I've had various lists where I'd end up 1 to 3 points over and to get rid of them I had to almost totally change the look of the army. Now that may not always be the case, but I find it is the often enough in order to demand an exact point cost. Who knows, lets say you drop a smoke launcher from one of your tanks to get within the point allotment and that means that your tank explodes on the very first turn. That could lose the game for you . . . for the sake of 1 point. I'd say that is important to your opponent.

    Now I guess it doesn't really matter if you have people that don't care if you go over a little, but be prepared to make a list adhering to strict point allotments at the drop of a hat because your opponent has every right to refuse to let you play even a single point over.

    Beside that I agree with what has already been said, scouts are for specialized roles . . . sniping, getting in close for CC w/ a PF sarge . . . they shouldn't be used in the same role as a normal tactical squad. They will fail.

    What kind of armies will you be playing against, btw? That will help with comments regarding your list.
    "There will never be enough peace in the universe unless first there is enough war." - Farseer Eleuflin

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