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    Ultramarines-Hit and Die army

    Alright. I put this army together with the notion that if it went against a comparable army with more diversity it will eventually go down but not before it deals a whole lot of damage.

    HQ 1095

    Master with Terminator Armor, Master Crafted Powerfist and Master Crafted Storm Bolter
    Terminator Command Squad with two assault cannons & Master Crafted Thunder Hammer Sarge with Master Crafted Plasma Pistol. All models have Furious Charge

    Master of Sanctity with Master Crafted Combi Meltagun, Melta Bombs & Jump Pack
    Assault Squad with Plas pistols, Melta Bombs & Terminator Honours Sarge with Melta Bombs and Master Crafted Combi-Flamer Gun w/Master of Sanctity. All models have furious charge.

    ELITES 345

    2 Dreadnoughts
    1 Venerable Dreadnought with Furious Charge


    Land Raider Crusader with Power of the Machine Spirit

    Unless I did my math radically wrong this is a 1735 point army.

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    Where are the troops???

    Also, this list would make most Eldar players jump for joy. (Starcannon) You have a very small number of models, from what I can tell, and a few well placed low AP shots will ruin your day.

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