Ok, trying to plan out my buys for a 3000pt army, which is entering wierd territory for me point wise. Here's the go.


Chapter Master: Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Teleport Homer – 110pts
- 1 x 9 Command Squad: CCW+pistol, Champion, Vet Sgt.w/Power Fist, Infiltrate – 230pts

Librarian: Epistolary(Veil of Time) Terminator Armor, Stormbolter – 155pts
- 1 x 9 Terminators: 2 Assault Cannons – 400pts

Fast Attack

3 x 3 LST: 6 x Autocannon, 3 x MM w/Hvy Flamer – 705pts

Heavy Support

3 x 6 Dev Squad: 4 Missle Launchers, Tank Hunters – 564pts


3 x Dreadnoughts – 315pts


2 x 5 Scouts: Bolters, 1 Missle Launcher, Tank Hunters – 180 pts

1 x 9 Scouts: CCW + Bpistol, Vet Sgt w/Power Fist, Teleport Homer – 145pts

1 x 5 Tac Marines: Las Cannon, Plasma gun, Tank Hunters – 115pts

This list has 91pts left over till it hits 3K. I know I have a slight mix of CC units, but I've found that all shooty armies tend to fall apart if even a portion of a CC army gets to them, so I like to have a few units that can mix it up to shore up a portion of my line that may get a nasty surprise. Also, I've included the ability to get up close with those same CC squads if for some reason the opponents setup gives me reason to offer him up a surprise of my own, or even just to put some speedbumps with bite in the way. Anyways, thats the rationale for a somewhat unorthodox setup. I've never fought Chaos or Necron, but similar setups have worked well for me against guys with lighter armor.