Hey all, here's another list I've been working on for an upcoming tournament, no Chapter Approved items allowed. (grr) Remember my crazy idea to have a Honorifica on a Vet. R.Rider Sergeant? Here you go. On a side note, can anyone check up the bit about Hunting Lances? Does my Sergeant need to give up something and get the Hunting Lance as well? The Army Builder I'm using made no error when I created this list, but my friend told me that he needs one as well.

Rough Riders
Carapace Armour
Iron Discipline

Force Organisation

Senior Officer Command Squad
Senior Officer (Bolt P. Power W. Surveyor)
2 Plasmaguns
1 Autocannon
Iron Discipline {98}

8 Grenadiers
2 Plasmaguns {100}

8 Grenadiers
2 Meltaguns
Chimera (Multilaser, H.Bolter, H.Stubber) (E.Armour, Smoke L.) {205}

Leman Russ Battle Tank
H.Bolter, Sponsons H.Bolter {160}

Rough Riders
7 Riders (Meltabombs, H.Lances)
1 Vet Sergeant (Plasma P. Power W. Honorifica I. Frag Gr.) {187}

Total: 750 points

The Vet. Sergeant has the meltabombs from the squadron, but I didn't mention cos i didn't want to confuse it with his wargear.

The Frag Grenade and the Surveyor are just random stuff that I put in to fill it up to 750 points. :p