Okay, I've never actually played a real, strict-to-rule game of WH40K. I collected what has proven to be more than enough for a 2500 point army merely for the purpose of building and painting them. That was fun, but now all of my models are complete, I'm out of money, and I'm actually kind of sick of having super glue on my fingers, which is a huge surprise. So, I thought that I'd at least try playing the game for which the models were dedicated, so here I am. Most of the models listed here I have constructed/detailed, although I will have to buy/build/paint a few more models, seeing as though when I chose the models I was going to paint, I didn't really have tactical efficiency in mind.

Putting aside the stuff you don't care about and giving you some more, here's my army list:

HQ -

149 points - 1. Wolf Lord with 2 Fenrisian Wolves
- Runic Armor
- Master-crafted bolt pistol
- Power Weapon

140 points - 2. Rune Priest
- Runic Armor
- Plasma Pistol
- Power Weapon
- Runic Staff


240 points - 1. Wulfen Pack, 10 Wulfen

157, 178, or 199 points (see bottom of list) - 2. Storm Claws, 7, 8, or 9 Storm Claws (see bottom of list)
- One equipped with Plasma pistol


230 points - 1. Grey Slayers, 10 Grey Slayers
- Wolf Totem

210 points - 2. Grey Slayers, 10 Grey Slayers


143 points - Storm Claws Biker Pack, 3 Storm Claws (including Pack Leader)
- Pack Leader equipped with Power Fist
- Biker equipped with Plasmagun, other biker is default


188, 208, 228 points (see bottom of list) - Long Fangs, 5 Long Fangs (including Pack Leader)
- 6 models in total, 3 equipped with Heavy Bolters, 2 equipped with Lascannons, 1 equipped with Plasma cannon. I intend to equip their weapons (there are 4 Long Fangs capable of equipping them in total) based on what army I'm playing. Many different combinations are feasible due to their ability to divide fire between different units. No matter what equipment is chosen, the only 3 point possibilities are listed at the start of this unit's description.

The Storm Claws listed in the ELITES section of the list will compensate for the points difference if the 188 (2 extra SCs) or the 208 (1 extra SC) weapon combinations for the Long Fangs are chosen. The 208 point combination is the most-likely to be used, due to the divide fire ability and well-roundedness.

TOTAL AMOUNT OF POINTS - 1497, 1498, or 1499.


I've never actually played a game before, so this strategy is based purely on what "sounds good". Feel free to rip it to hell.

The Rune Priest, making use of his Teleport ability (which allows him to Deep Strike around the battlefield with his accompanying unit) will accompany the Storm Claws (not bikers) and try to be everywhere my opponent does not want them to be. The Grey Slayers will hopefully absorb most of the damage while my Wulfen try and make it into CC range. The Wolf Lord will hopefully attract my opponent's eye and, along with his 2 wolves, at least be able to suck up some damage in place of the Storm Claws/Wulfen. The Long Fangs will support whatever units need it the most, most likely the Wulfen, as they make their way into an effective CC position, or try and take out a tank/dreadnaught. The bikers will try and take out a glass-cannon Heavy Support unit in an attempt (most likely suicidal) to lessen the burden of the other units.

Pretty simple strategy given the units employed. Any help/tips/comments/critiques appreciated, trust me when I say it will be taken as respectfully as it is given.