So ive just gotten into IG and am looking to get some games under my belt with some combat patrol. Im kinda limited on models seeing as this is a new army right now but here is what i think i can scrounge together.

3x lascannon teams, 1x missile launcher team, 4-5x plasma guns, 25-30ish guardsmen, 5-10 rough riders, 1x sentenal.

I left all the tanks off the list that could be used in combat patrol

SO trying to stick with my fluff and what i have.... So here is the list.

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad, Lascannon, Storm Bolter - 70
Infantry Squad 1, Lascannon, plasmagun - 95
Infantry squad 2, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, light infantry, drop troops - 95

Rough riders
4 Men with hunting lances & 1 vet. seargent with power weapon - 66

Vet. Squad
4 Men with 2 plasmaguns & 1 vet seargent with lasgun & close combat wepaons
light infantry, drop troops - 75

Total - 401pts, i know lascannons are over kills in this small of game however its really all i got right now and im not overly enthusastic about proxing.

Givin my models anything you would change? Drop Vet.s for more rough riders?, Drop lascannons all together??