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    3000pt, No Traits, advice please.

    This army is 3 Detachments.

    HQ- 1087 pts
    170- Librarian, Lightning claw, Veil of Time
    90- 6 Bodyguard

    130 Force Commander,Master Crafted Lightning claws, terminator honours
    185 4 bodyguard, 1 Apothacary, 1 Champion, Rhino

    121 Master of sancticity, Artificer Armor, Bolt pistol.

    187 Epistolary, master crafted force weapon, terminator armor, storm bolter, vortex of doom.

    204 2 Masters, Bolt Pistol, powerfist

    Elites 585 pts
    120 Techmarine, 2 tech Servitors

    340 8 terminators, one assualt cannon

    125 Dreadnought, TW Lascannon

    Troops- 826pts

    80 4 marines, 1 marine with heavy bolter

    80 4 marines, 1 marine with heavy bolter

    80 4 marines, 1 marine with heavy bolter

    85 4 Marines, 1 marine with missile launcher

    85 4 Marines, 1 marine with missile launcher

    85 4 Marines, 1 marine with missile launcher

    85 4 Marines, 1 marine with missile launcher

    90 4 marines, 1 marine with lascannon

    78 6 scouts, close combat weapons, bolt pistol

    78 6 scouts, close combat weapons, bolt pistol

    Fast atack 235pts

    80 Land speeder with Heavy bolter, assualt cannon

    155 Five assualt marines, one plasma pistol

    Heavy Support 250pts

    125 Predator Destructer, sponson lascannons

    125 Predator Destructer, sponson lascannons

    Total 2983pts

    Comments, and suggested improvements welcome.

    Vincere Vel Mori

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    To me; the list seems to be illegal, for you have, according to the wording, 1 HQ to many. (1 master)


    The correct build of an Hq, i'm not entirey sure of, but for sure its one master with retinue and with one librarian and one chaplain, if you add them all together.( there are some versions that seem to claim that you can add 2 chaplains or librarians).

    For lethal effectiveness. give the master of sanctity a jumppack and fraggrenades. and join them to the assaultsquad that is best boosted to full numbers (10) with a veteran sargeant with powerfist. optional , give the sqaud meltabombs and use the litanies of hate to reroll missed bombplacements.

    For all HQ's;
    - give them termie honours for the extra attack.
    - give them fraggrenades

    drop the artificer armor, only if you really don't have anymore options then i would add it.
    Vortex of doom is not that usefull. better is veil of time or might of heroes imo.

    Librarian comes allready with a powerweapon and one claw alone doesn't give you an extra attack (if i read it correctly from the armory as lightning claws are made to be used in pairs).
    Give him just a boltpistol and that's fine.

    THe lone rhino can almost have painted a bullseye on it's front with the text:
    Free Victorypoints here, HQ squad inside.
    One rhino in a whole army is bound to attract attention as an observive opponent will see it be put on the table with the hq section, thus knowing a juicy target appeared.
    A crusader might be a more viable alternative, or even better a crusader type, as it's better suited for assault and it's weaponry is better balanced.

    I do not know what the alteration will do to the points, but 1/3th of an army solely made out of HQ seems a bit extreme, if not slightly foulish point/ effective wise.

    retinue, maybe boost , according to what points you have left/ you want to spend, them with furious carge and/or termie honours.

    I never tried a techmarine yet, so i will not say much about it. might a full servo harnass not be usefull for the extra attacks? It's fine if it's a pure fieldmechanic. i must check ofn the transport options, but maybe a rhino or razorback with heavy bolters with extra armor and smokes as a ride might serve him well in his job as a repairmen.

    Its best to add a second assaultcannon in the group of termies. Those weapons are just to usefull not to.

    The dreadnought has an odd configuration imo. You are using a very long range weapon with a cc weapon, dividing it's purpose and reducing it's effectiveness imo. either an assaultcannon dccw type or missile laucher/TLLc seems to be best. the former is cc/anty vehicle. the latter is long range tankhunteer equiped.


    Nttinh much to comment about really, maybe try to use even number squads as it forces the enemy to kill just one more men to reduce you to below scoring. now he must kill only 3 per squad, with 6 he needs to kill 4.

    They are also very static. Maybe drop a heavy weapon for an assault type and make them more mobile while still effective.


    As said above, assault marines exell at full numbers, best with a vet sargeant with either powerweapon of powerfist and prefferably led by a chaplain.

    speeder is fine.


    Both preds will suffer from only being able to fire one weapon if forced to relocate to get a new target. imo they best come with extra armor and smokes, altho the smokes can sometimes be left off. maybe a better build is heavy bolter sponsons.

    those are my ideas on this list.
    Last edited by vindicator; October 1st, 2006 at 21:00.
    MvG, vindicator.

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