ok this list is basically aimed at dealing with guard with lots of tanks or at dealing with a space marine army heavy on troops with no armour but lots of termis.

Kumori Space Marines

– See, but don’t be seen
[b]Disadvantage]/b] – We stand alone


Commander – Master – Terminator Armour, Master Crafted Power Sword, storm
Bolter, melta bombs 140 points Takai


Terminator Assault Squad – 5 x Terminators, 1 thunder hammer/storm shield, 4 x
Lightning claws 200 Points Squad Storm


Scout Squad – 10 x scouts with BP & CCW, Vet Sergeant, Teleport Homer, power
Sword 158 points Squad Rogue

Scouts – 5 x scouts, bolters, heavy Bolter, Vet Sergeant, teleport homer 88 Points
Squad Longshot

Marines – 10 x marines, flamer, Vet Sergeant, power sword, plasma pistol, teleport
Homer, melta bombs. Infiltrate 231 Points Squad Scorpion

Marines – 6 x marines, 1 Plasma Cannon, Infiltrate 125 Points Squad Gamble

Marines – 5 x marines, 1 lascannon 90 Points Squad Cyclops


Devastator Squad – 5 x marines, 4 Missile Launchers 155 Points Squad Carnage

Devastator Squad – 6 x Marines, 4 Multi-Melta, Infiltrate 188 Points Squad Meltdown

Destructor Predator - Heavy Bolter Sponsons, extra armour, Pintle Mounted storm
Bolter 125 Points Omega

Total points = 1500

now the basic plan for the army is that several squads will be infiltrating, most of these have telport homers, plus they are spread out to give more chance at one surviving.

the termis will deep strike onto the teleport homers and then get stuck in next turn hopefully

the melta squad is for dealing with any non deep striked termis and any heavy armour before dealing with high toughness/low armour troops

the 5 man scout squad is for distraction and long range support, the lascannon for additional anti armour and another heavy weapon to pound the enemy with, while i have found the plasma cannon is just wonderful at dealing with light vehciles, high toughness troops, hordes and low armour save troops

any refinements suggested? or additional tactics?

i genearally play a very shooty themed army with more slow advance and relentless firepower idea