Not my usual list. thought I'd fly this by some.
A lot less armor than my usual list...

BT 1850- Marshal Klais

• HQ
- EC Uriah- 140- Accept Any Challenge…
- Marshal Klais- 160
Iron Halo, Jump Pack, Twin LClaws, Teleport Homer
- Reclusiarch Grimlok- 131
Bolt Pistol, 3 Servitors, Teleport Homer

• Elite
- Sword Brethren Terminator Squad- 240
5 Terminators, 2 with Assault Cannons

• Troops
- CSC- 235
10i, 5n- Melta/PF
Runs with R. Grimlok
- CSL- 203
8i, 5n- Melta/PF
Runs with EC Uriah
- CSW- 117
6i- PG/LC
- CSA- 112
6i- PG/ML
• Fast Attack
- Assault Squad Izekaya- 253
Flies with Marshal Klais

• Heavy Support
- Vindicator- 131
- Predator Annihilator- 128

I'm thinking of dropping the Iron Halo for Terminator Honors and frags. But then I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the points. Fill out with some search lights?