1500pt Sadukan Grenadiers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Sadukan Grenadiers

    Yeah im still thinking on my own fluff for the planet Saduka. What i have so far to explain my doctrines, it is a barren wasteland death world (not really desert, but arid rocky), but it has huge underground deposits of prometium and minerals. But one problem, the thousands of miles of underground caverns are infested with tyranidic type creatures (hell i just might make conversions for these too). Clearing tunnels out for minning personal is very dangerous and if your lucky to survive a few clearing out missions you become pretty good at what you do. So the Sadukan forces are manly comprised of mechanized Grenadiers and Veterans.
    The only way to kill these creatures you cant panic at all and keep it pinned under heavy fire. Close combat with these things is suicidal so officers prefer to have bolters instead of a powersword, chainsword etc. where youll never be able to use it. Sometimes these creatures come to the surface when they detect movement. You either have to be in a fast chimera or skilled and navigating difficult terrain quietly to avoid a slaughter.

    thats what i got, any ideas will be helpful, tell me if this sounds like a good back story or a dumb one.

    Iron Discipline
    Light Infantry

    Comand Squad-light infanty
    SO-bolter, iron discipline
    4x guardsmen-flamer, melta, vox

    AT squad-light infantry,sharpshooters
    3x missile Launchers

    FS squad-light infantry,sharpshooters
    3x heavy bolters

    Sentinal squadron-extra armor
    3x AutoCannons

    2x Grenadier squads-Frag, Krak, targeters
    vet sgt-bolter
    9x grenadiers-2x plasma guns, vox
    Chimera-multilaser, heavy bolter, smoke launchers, searchlights

    2x veteran squads
    vet sgt-bolter
    9x veterans-3x meltaguns, vox
    Chimera-multilaser, heavy bolter, smoke launchers, searchlights

    basalisk-inderect fire

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    The idea of the list is good, but I would adjust a couple of things.

    Upgrade your HW squad to Lascannons from Missle Launchers. For 5pts more per gun, you are way better off.

    I like Sentinals, but I take them when I have other "higher" priority targets like Leman Russes to shoot at first.

    I prefer to Infiltrate my Vets with a Lascannon and a Plasma gun or two, but if you fluff is mounted, then so be it. You can also add Drop troops and DS a squad of 5 vets with three Metlaguns.

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