1500pts. Pure Hereticus Force (Puritan) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts. Pure Hereticus Force (Puritan)

    I've been mixing and matching for my No-Nuns pure WH force, and consulting with the folks over on the B&C forums. In the interest of getting the most feedback possible, I thought I'd throw my original plan down and see if it can go anywhere.

    And yes, I understand that my life would be a lot easier with Sororitas. That's not to say that you can't confirm my suspicions that an effective Hereticus force as such is a hopeless pipedream.

    Inquisitor Lord w/ Bolter, Excruciators, Auspex
    ---3x Heavy Bolter Servitors
    ---3x Familiars
    ---2x Penitents
    Role: Find some cover, hunker down, and spray HB fire at anything that gets near. The Familiars and Penitents are for survivability.

    Elites & Heavies:
    4x Arco-flagellants
    Eversor Assassin
    2x Penitent Engines
    2x Penitent Engines
    Role: The Arcos, Eversor, and PEs are the first wave; a variety of shock troops to cause as much hell as possible before the inevitable happens. They are the first strike, under smoke cover/mobile terrain cover from the three IST Rhinos.

    WH Inquisitor w/ Inferno Pistol
    ---3x Melta Veterans
    ---2x Sages
    ---Rhino w/ Extra Armor & Smoke Launcher
    Role: Primary tank-killer, hopefully able to cause plenty of anti-armor havoc while hostile fire is directed at the first shock troop wave.

    IST 1 (3x Hellgun, 2x Melta)
    ---Rhino w/ Extra Armor & Smoke Launcher
    IST 2 (3x Hellgun, 2x Melta)
    ---Rhino w/ Extra Armor & Smoke Launcher
    IST 3 (3x Hellgun, 2x Melta)
    ---Rhino w/ Extra Armor & Smoke Launcher
    IST 4 (3x Hellgun, 2x Flamer)
    IST 5 (3x Hellgun, 2x Flamer)
    IST 6 (3x Hellgun, 2x Grenade Launcher)
    Role: Medium/slow advance in three groups of two units (Melta & Flame or Melta & GL) for mutual fire support and anti-armor capability. Priest is sucking up valuable space and points for the sake of Arcos and PEs.

    -----Total: 1509 pts

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    your first wave will crash and burn ageist a shooty army, Arco-flagellants will rip apart any thing in close combat, but they need to get their first. harder than it sounds 4+inv save is good not great on 4 wounds, i suggest more and running them up behind the rhinos for line of sight reasons, Eversor Assassin even better than Arco-flagellants due to infiltrate but still 2 wounds. Penitent Engines remember armor 11 open toped is easy for any anti tank, and the need to shoot the flamer every round is odd, i would recommend doing the rhino thing with the Penitent Engines but then all your power is in one place, witch can work if it has too but is risky due to the fact that it makes it easier for your opponent to shoot you that's not good.

    i also don't like your Inquisitors, the melta one is not much better than plain rhino melta storm troopers, for to meny points, the bolter lord is relatively cheap but look at chirurgeons to just ignore wounds and the scourging psyker power is really good... some times, and as a lord i think he needs a power weapon but that's a personal thing.

    the Priest while necessary is the odd man out in my opinion, seeing as combat is the last place you want storm troopers, but. i like plasma and melta weapons over flamer and Grenade Launcher, but that is a personal thing. also i think you need some sort of counter charge for enemies that deep strike and such.

    i like the idea very much and think you should keep going with it and even though you probably don't want to hear it inducted guard would work and mesh well i think space marines would ruin the charter of the army. but a death watch extra HQ might be really cool but expensive, and good at the close combat thing plus you can deep strike them.

    edit: asupex and word of emperor psyker is good idea on shooty Inquisitor. hay it could happen.
    Last edited by murphy; October 5th, 2006 at 20:57.

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