My friend and I are gearing up again for another fight. We've decided to pump our lists up to 2500 since we realized we have the models for it. My current 2K list(Imperial Fists) looks like this:


Master: Jump Pack, Power Sword, Terminator Honors, Bolt Pistol, Bionics – 131pts

Reclusiarch: Jump Pack, Bolt Pistol, Terminator Honors, Bionics – 126pts


3 x 7 Tac Marines: Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun – 405pts

Fast Attack

3 x LST: AC/HB – 240pts

2 x 9 Assault Marines: Sgt w/Fist, 2 Plasma Pistols - 480pts

Heavy Support

3 x 7 Dev Marines: 4 ML, Tank Hunters – 618pts

Now he knows what I'll be playing army wise altho he doesn't know the exact disposition. He'll be playing either Witch Hunters, IG, or Tyranids so I sorta have to keep my options open. I was thinking 2 x 5 man Termie squads with Assault Cannons for some heavy mobile fire support and decent HTH. Never fought IG or WHunters before so anyone with some advice it'll be appreciated. Thanks.