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    Need Help for noob 1000pt army

    A friend decided to start WH40k backup and to go with witchhunters. But aside from that he hasn't figured much out and being a pretty big noob myself i need some help also.

    All I figured so far was that we'd probably want seraphims with inferno, an excorcist and that's about it... not even sure what HQ should be. Preferably strictly witch hunters but somewhat flexible.

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    Since this isn't an army list it should really be in the main forums. But for a beginner I'd say stay with mainly sisters to begin with since they are resiliant and fairly good at the offensive.

    Let's see....

    Cannoness: Blessed weapon, Cloak of St. Aspira, Book of St. Lucius

    9 Sisters: Flamer, Heavy Flamer
    +1 Veteran Superior: Book of St. Lucius
    + Rhino Transport: Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

    14 Sisters: 2 Storm Bolters
    +1 Veteran Superior: Storm Bolter, Book of St. Lucius

    7 Seraphim: 2x Flame Pistol upgrades
    +1 Veteran Superior: Evicerator

    4 Dominions: 3 Meltaguns upgrades, 1 Flamer upgrade
    +1 veteran Superior: -
    + Immolator Transport: Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

    1 Exorcist: Extra Armour

    [=Note=] Not the best army in the world but this mainly focus's on flavour of the army. Also the points are probably not on form as this was from the top of my head. But these are examples of squad types and set-ups you can use. You'll be able to do a fair bit with this and probably enjoy a fair share of games. See the Witch Hunters Guide in my siginiture for more details on each unit.

    If you come up with an army list we can go over it for you....just tell us what you're looking for in the force....(eg: winning, fun, elite units, massed horde etc)
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