Well heres my final list, me and my friend decided to go up to 1200 points.

Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Veterans, Close Order Drill

-Command Platoon-
Command Squad
Heroic Senior Officer w/Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon; Iron Discipline
3 Guardsmen
Company Standard; Master Vox w/ LP CCW; HB
-Fire Support Squad
6 Guardsmen- 3 HB

Hardened Veterans
Veteran Sergeant- Plasma Pistol; Power Sword
7 Veterans - 3 Melta Guns
Total-114 Points

Hardened Veterans
Veteran Sergeant- Plasma Pistol; Power Sword
9 Veterans- 3 Plasma Guns; Heavy Bolter
Total-140 points

1st Platoon
Command Squad
1 Junior Officer w/Honorifica Imperialis; Iron Discipline- 75 points
4 Guardsmen; Plasma gun; 2 Flamers- 34 points

-Squad 1-
1 Sergeant
9 Guardsmen- Vox; AC; GL- 88 points

-Squad 2-
1 Sergeant
9 Guardsmen- Lascannon; Vox; GL-98 points

-Squad 3-
1 Sergeant
9 Guardsmen-Vox; Grenade Launcher- 67 points

-AF Squad-
1 Vet. Sergeant-6 points
9 Guardsmen- Plasma Gun; ML; Vox- 96 points
Multi laser; Hull HB; Pintle Stubber; Extra Armor-
Total- 102

-Heavy Support-
Leman Russ Battle Tank
HB Sponsons; Lascannon- 165

Army Total- 1179

Everything look ok? For the veterans I plan on infiltrating the melta squad as close as possible to take out either his hammerhead or devilfish. The plasma squad is probably gona target his commander, or anything else that seems of importance. Any suggestions?