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Thread: 1500pt friendly

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    1500pt friendly

    iron discipline
    ind. commissars
    drop troops


    command squad
    JO-honorifica, ironD, LPPW
    autoC, 2x plasmas

    AT squad
    3x missle launchers


    command squad-dropT
    JO-ironD, LPPW
    4x grenade launchers

    squads 1, 2, and 3-dropT

    30 conscripts
    3x flamers


    2 10 man vet squads
    2x plasmas, lasC

    2 commissars-LPPW

    Fast attack



    Leman Russ Battle Tank-battleC, hull Hbolters, sponson Hbolters, ExtraA

    Basalisk-inderect fire

    For the last 86 points i dont know if i should get 2 drop sentinals with heavy flamers, or a heavy bolter squad. Right now im thinking 3 heavy bolter teams would be better, but im not sure.

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    A few things about your list:

    1. you have two independant commisars yet only one platoon of conscripts so is drop the second commisar itll save u a packet. use these points to beef out the conscripts.
    2. your main command has an autocannon and two plasmas. it has no medic 1 ablative wound and is a big threat especially with most of your army deepstriking. drop the autocannon and hide these somewhere moving them forward to prepare for a last ditch effort.
    3. the spare points could go in several places:
    a) two heavy flamer sentinels. my personal favourite drop these in and watch the flames mmmm.
    b) heavy bolter teams, personally, idont think they are a good idea. you start with most of your troops off board so you want the ones on board to survive fire support squads especially dangeroud ones dont. i wouldnt include them.
    c) Im not to sure about the wisdom of your missile launchers. personally i dont like them in At squads and after what ive just said i dont like the idea en more. Id drop them and add these points to your pool. with the points you save you could get a chimera for your command. itd mean the enemies antiinfantry weapons would see a lot less use and with another ank you will stretch their anttank.
    d) with the above suggestion you could not only get two heavy flamer sentinels but two multilaser ones. these when dropping in would easily fill the role of anti horde ( so you wouldnt need those heavy bolters) and also are brilliant at popping tanks witht he high number of high strenth shots.

    hope those tweaks help


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