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    1750pt drop sentinel/veteran/arty list

    Here's my final drop list for comments/abuse:
    doctrines: Chameleone, close order drill, allow SW squads, Veterans, Drop Troops

    Heavy Support: 2 Basilisks with icomms, 1 Leman Russ with hull lascannon (432pts)

    Troops: (total 507pts)
    command squad with 1 heavy bolter, officer with bolter
    2 squads each with 1 Lascannon

    command squad with 1 autocannon, officer with bolter
    1 squad with 1 Lascannon
    1 Squad with autocannon, plasma gun

    Elites (total 268pts)
    5 man vet squad with sarg with bolter, 3 with plasma guns DROP
    5 man vet squad with sarg with boltpistol/powerwpn, 3 with Melta guns DROP
    5 man vet squad with sarg with boltpistol/powerwpn, 3 with Melta guns DROP

    Command (total 407pts)
    Command squad with junior officer, 1 with heavy bolter, 1 vet with company standard.

    1 Support Squad with 3 heavy bolters

    2 Special wpn squads, each with 1 Demo charge, 2 flamers DROP

    Sentinel squad with 1 sentinel with autocannon, XA, 1 with multlaser DROP

    FAST ATTACK (135pts)
    3 squads each 1 sentinal with multilaser DROP

    4 lascannons
    6 meltaguns
    4 plasma guns
    2 Earthshakers
    1 Battlecannon
    4 Flamers
    2 Demo charges
    3 autocannon
    4 Multilasers
    7 Heavy Bolters

    My tactics will be: an artillery line to dump STR 9 AP 3 goodness on unseen targets, as most of our games have lots of cover so LOS is rare.
    Artillery line protected by my firebase of the lascannon line squads, etc.
    My DROP units outflank/kill enemy armor and troops - with sentinels providing of shots to take out side./rear armor, SW squads for a bit of fun and Vets for BS 4 accuracy with the meltaguns and plasma. There are a total of 10 dropping units.

    I could swap out the LR for n exterminator for lots of shots, or a demolisher....

    Sierra Company, 74th Noctan Strike Regiment - The Meatshields!

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    332 (x8)

    a couple of things...

    1. your command is a JO hes going to need to be upgraded or something needs to be done about your leadership. it isnt there at the moment. dont rely on lose order as that only brings your line squads up to ld8 before mods. thats the highest LD in your army so they are going to be runing at the first sign of trouble.
    2. you mention little line of sight yet you have lots of lascannons? you have perfectly adequate anti tank witht the vets and other drop units. bassies arent to bad at hurting tanks either if they have lots on a crowded board. id drop some of those lascannons in favour of some more antiinfantry and get some leaderrship in your army. An exterminator would be a better choice than a russ as you can move and fire and you already have two bassies!

    hope this helps


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