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    2500 SM w/ SoB Allies

    Just putting up a list Im building at the moment. Thought i share it and see if anyone can see any problems i might have, cheers

    master of sanctity- terminator armour, storm bolter, frag, furious charge

    command squad- sarg w/ powerfist, storm bolter, furious charge, frag
    -4x terminators w/ furious charge, frag

    cannoness- inferno pistol, bleesed weapon, cloak of st aspira

    retinue- vss w/ power weapon, bolter stake crossbow
    9xcelestians- 2x flamers, 1ximaginifer, frag

    venerable dreadnought - T/L Lascannons, ML

    veteran squad- sarge w/ terminator hons, power weapon, bolt pistol, furious charge
    -5x veterans-1x power fist, 1x power weapon, frag, furious charge

    tactical- sarge w/ power fist, bolter, term hon, frag
    -7x marines- 1xplasma gun

    tactical- sarge w/ lightning claw, bolter, term hon
    -7xmarines- 1xflamer

    scouts -sarge and 4 xscouts with sniper rifiles

    battle sisters- vss w/ eviserator, bolt pistol
    -9x sisters - 1x flamer, 1x storm bolter

    squad- sarg w/power fist, plasma pistol, term hon, frag
    -4x marines -1x flamer, frag

    land speeders x 2 - 1x multi melta

    serapim- vss w/ power weapon, combi stake crossbow
    -7x serapim -1x twin hand flamer

    devastator squad- sarge w/ term honours
    -5xmarines-4xheavy bolters

    predator destructor

    predator annihilator

    any thoughts will be appreciated:yes:

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    The MoS's Terminator Squad is a little weak.

    The MoS is ok, though you wouldn't lose much from demoting him.

    The Terminator Sgt really doesn't want to pay points for a Powerfist. His Furious Charge Power Sword can help out the Chaplain, alternatively simply remove him as the first casualty.

    Why no Assault Cannon? they're god-weapons, useful at everything and your squad isn't going to be in combat for a couple of turns anyway moving just 6" a turn.

    The Venerable Dreadnought is a pretty good Tank-Hunter, giving him the Tank Hunter veteran skill makes him deadly, well worht the points for the improvement in 'killyness'.

    The Veterans are too small to hit very hard and have alot of expensive weapons to protect with just a couple of meat shields.

    As 'Assault' Tactical Squads the squads need to really be 8+ to force the infliction of 5+ kills to reduce from scoring-units. The Sergeants do alot better with Powerfists. If you must have a Lightning Claw take a Bolt Pistol or another for a shooting attack before you charge or +1 Attack.

    Scout Snipers are poor IMO, a 5 Man Tactical Squad with Lascannon is a better use of the same points. Able to hurt tanks or well armoured units.

    Turning the points from the Veterans into more Assault Marines might be a good move, they're faster and some will almost certainly make it into combat.

    The Devastators would be better off with an extra man than Terminator Honours. If you could a couple more extra men too.

    What Sponsons do the Predators have?
    In any case they need Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers.
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    I may be wrong but can't you not take Adepta Sororitas in the same list as Space Marines?
    If I am wrong then I would change your sisters abit. It's pointless trying to make the normal sisters good at combat. Drop the Eviscerator and get a book of St Lucius, this item makes their leadership always unmodified for 5pts! Also, I would either give those squads more bodies or rhinos. If you want to stick with footsloggers I would go for two Stormbolters, if you mount em up take flamers + hvy flamers OR meltaguns. Personally I like mounted flamer squads but thats my personal preference. Finally, Imagifiers are rarely worth the extortionate points cost.
    Of course if I'm right with my first comment, then all this advice is useless. (unless you want to drop Space Marines and take up WH!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheese58 View Post
    I may be wrong but can't you not take Adepta Sororitas in the same list as Space Marines?
    If your base army is WH, you cannot have both SoB and inducted Space Marines. If your base army is SM, you MAY take allied WH with (or without) SoB.

    Likewise, the only way to have Grey Knights and SM in the same list is using SM as the base list with allied DH.

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